Making a movie

There are times when you plan and plan and plan a movie. You research and pick locations and pick actors, and find crew, and you buy supplies and arrange for things like green rooms and meals for everybody, and you write the script and then re-write.

Then there are weeks like this week. We had a movie on the front burner, and the code name for it is “Wisdom”. And my business partner, Don, and I were headed off last Saturday to meet an actor, in preparation for the movie “Wisdom”. On the way to the meeting, Don pitched me an idea. And it was so good, we had to make that movie. Trouble is, we are making the movie in about 3 weeks. LOL

So, with very little preparation and planning, we are making that movie. I use the analogy, “Jumping off a Cliff”. We have no idea how this will work, if it will fly, and what the end result will be.

It’s crazy. But, more times than not, we’ve headed off to film something (on very little preparation), and we come home with footage and a movie that is better than we could have planned it. So, I’ve had a very long week, but I’m caught up with a lot of other work. It’s Saturday! That means sleeping in and doing laundry. I did those things, but then what?

I ended up going out and shooting exteriors all afternoon. It was only 99*F. This movie’s production code name is “CC”, and it can’t have any modern things in it such as oil field equipment, farm equipment, houses, barns, cars, fence line, deer blinds, roads or bridges. And living in north central Oklahoma, where the land is divided into sections, there aren’t a lot of options you can find for long, outdoor shots.

So, I got several shots today, and I’m feeling a lot better about things. Don is working on locations, props, equipment, crew, dialog, story, and a sunrise shot.

So, hopefully, we can go out next weekend and get the bulk of our shooting done.

When are the times when you feel most alive?

For me, it is projects like this, and days like this: when you just jump in and hang on. You have no idea where you were land. You have no idea if you’ll be successful or not. I am most alive when I create; when I perform live on stage; and when I’m in a vehicle flying down the road. Those are the times when every fiber of my being is in the moment. It’s an incredible feeling.



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