“I love a parade”

So, last weekend, after we achieved a dream come true. After years and years of working our way up the ladder of technology, we got new software that enables us to work at very high quality levels of video production. So, there is a learning curve associated with anything….but somehow, tech and computer stuff is always an extra challenge.

So, today, I head off to the county fair parade, not so much to see the parade, but to have something to film, in order to check levels and parameters of our new levels of technology.

Once there, I realized I was having a good time. After all, if you’ve seen one parade, you’ve seen them all, right? But, this was a good, long parade, with neat old cars and tractors, kids on bikes, bands and lots of things detailing Americana.

The parade participants tossed out so much candy, the little kids had sacks to put the candy in. One set of kids had a 5 gallon bucket! I have no idea how full that thing was by the end of the parade. And these parade organizers were smart!!! They put the horses and cattle at the end of the parade. If you’ve ever marched in a parade, you know what that means.

Anyway, in the next couple of days, I’ll be downloading footage and playing with the new video production software.

Projects on deck:

–build a small bandstand (already have the wood and equipment and supplies–have just been waiting for cooler weather so, I can work in the garage).

–figure out how to hang curtains in the garage, to film out there. I’ll do blue background stuff, to film music stuff against, but also will do green screen, to shoot chroma-key

–hopefully finish a book that’s been in works 2 years, code name: Famous

–think about working on our second stage play (also in works for two years), and get it out there working for us

Have a great day! If all goes as planned, I’m off to the theatre.

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