The Theah-ater Dahlings….

So, Saturday night, hi-ho, hi-ho, off to the theatre I go. I don’t get to Tulsa much, and I’m not too familiar with navigating.

Don and I had met an actor a few weeks ago, and he told us about the new play he was doing: “The Blue Whale of Catoosa”. For those of you not familiar with Route 66 nor Oklahoma, there is an actual blue whale monument on the side of the road.

The play, by John Cruncleton, is about a space traveler, years and years into the future, who comes back to Earth, and the Blue Whale is one of the 7 surviving things on Earth. The play defies categorization. It is a sci-fi, mind-blowing extravaganza. There were some fabulous actors, and the lead actress, Annie Ellicott, is a wonderfully talented actress and singer.

So, I got to Tulsa early and drove by, but couldn’t find the theatre. I still had the phone number in my phone for the actor we had met, and I had to call for directions (thank you-thank you!).

Since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to go to Kilkinnys and have supper. Being a Saturday night, who knew if I could get a table or not? I pulled in behind the restaurant, and there was a cabana next to it. I didn’t remember a cabana being there, but we haven’t been there in awhile. I went into the restaurant and realized I wasn’t in Kilkennys, but in the Full Moon Cafe. They had big screen TVs and the football games blaring, so I sat down and had a good meal. Don and I are always in pursuit of the perfect bleu cheeseburger. So, it was only after I’d eaten that I saw that The Full Moon Cafe had a bleu cheeseburger on the menu. I’ll try that next time.

So, it was after 7, so I headed back to the theatre. Finally found it, but it was in an industrial district, and not what I was expecting.

Nightingale Theater

I was worried about not having advance tickets, but the website said that they didn’t sell advance tickets, and the box office opened at 7:30. So, I got there in time, got a seat, and enjoyed the show. The show turned out to be 3 1/2 hours long. And with my 2 1/2 drive to get back home, that made for a long evening. But I’m glad I went, and it was a good experience. I didn’t get to meet the actors afterwards, but I saw such fabulous and talented actors, I kept adding to my “wish list” of people with whom I’d like to work in the future.

At intermission, the woman next to me asked how I’d heard about the play, and I said that a few weeks ago, I had interviewed an actor, and he told me about the play. She asked if I was in the  media. I said that I was a director.

It’s amazing to think of how far we’ve come, in just a short amount of time. I love to act and perform and be in front of an audience. But, somehow, being behind the camera is so much more satisfying.

Anyway, it was a good evening. If you go, the play is for mature audiences only.

Till next time…

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