Weekend! Tornado! Football!

Well, I have a day job, so on a lot of working weekdays, all I get done is the day job, not any creativity. So, after an intense week, I got to this weekend, and Saturday morning did computer work, updated webpages, and worked on book business stuff, and just about drove myself to the brink of frenzy. So, to combat that, I went to the garage, and sawed wood and hammered nails. (I’m building a bandstand to use for filming purposes, and am working to make a workspace in my garage to film in. But it will convert easily and still be usable as a garage.) So, by late evening, I was worn out, and I came back to the house. Had a nice steak for supper and was kicked back and watching Canadian football. And the tornado siren came on. I had been watching a line of storms on the radar, but did not know there was a tornado watch. So, I was completely unprepared. I had to rush to get my stuff together and run for the cellar. The neighbors have a cellar, and they are so nice to let us go there in storms. We got word the tornado was about 9 miles west of town, so with a little bit of buffer of time, I got out my video camera and filmed some storm footage.

We made it through the storm safely, but it was close and it was dangerous. This was the closest call we’ve had in maybe 6 or 7 years. And we did get an inch and a half of rain, which we really  needed. So, after all that, I was really worn out.

Today, I planned to take the day off, and rest up for next week. And what do I do? I start downloading storm footage and working in the new video software. It went so well. The software is powerful and good and quite intuitive. I uploaded footage to youtube, so that was good practice.

By then it was time for the Dallas Cowboy game, so I helped them with every snap of the ball. They came from 10 points behind in the 4th quarter, and tied the game to send it to OT. And they won in OT.  I was about to collapse after all that. My lil ole heart can’t take that kind of pressure.

Not sure what the coming week will bring. I still need to work on book publicity; am working on the cover for the mystery (which is not what I planned, but I had a glitch that worked out good, so I’m proceeding down that path); want to work on video production for the parade footage that I shot last week; want to work on the writing of the current stage play (Code name: Assumptions), and who knows what else? Would love to get some guitar time in. I play the piano just about every day, but would like to find time to play the guitar every day as well.

Have a fabulous week!

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