Calm week days – Intense weekend

Wow, last week I realised the “nose had been to the grindstone” just too much. There’s only so much drive and intensity a person can take. So, I gave myself a breather, and realized it was the first breather I’d had in two months. And of course, not having projects going, I was bored out of my skull last week. But still, you’ve got to give your mind, body and soul a rest.

And the Dallas Cowboys were on a bye week, so I had more freedom to plan a Sunday. There was an audition for an Opry show, and I had seen this show before, and thought that if I could make the audition, that’d be good. So, I went, performed well (taking a guitar and not a piano, due to the bad weather), and everything had a good outcome.

I had Columbus day off from the Day Job, so on a whim, I submitted for an acting job. Usually when you submit for them, it’s a very low chance you’ll get it. And I got it! So, that was a fast turnaround to get stuff ready for that (makeup, wardrobe, snacks, etc). But, I went and it was fun. The last acting job I’d been on, the set was awful, the situation was unpleasant, and when I talked to someone about it, I said, “The dew is off the rose” – meaning that it wasn’t fun anymore. I was afraid that would be the case from here on out.

But this was fun. All acting jobs are tiring. You really, really sleep well after a 12 hour day on an acting job. It can get boring. But, I can be entertained just by watching the technical side of things–how they set lights and angles, etc. These were good and professional people to work with. When I left, the AD asked me to come back the next day. That is such an amazing feeling–to know that my work was evaluated and appreciated, and that they would be willing to work with me again. Upon reflection, this has happened on many productions. I go and show that I am professional and cooperative and willing to take instruction, and they see my work and ask me to come back. It’s one of the greatest compliments a performer can have.

And, I was glad to find that the dew was not off the rose. I still want to go on these acting jobs (for other people), because you do your spot and you’re done. When I produce, there is so much more that has to be done, so acting is almost a vacation in comparison.

I expected to come home and be exhausted. I slept last night, and now feel energized. Funny how that happens?? But there’s such a sense of accomplishment that I achieved something good in music and movies. Each step of this journey is a valid and viable step. You don’t know where it leads, but at least you know you’re on the path.

On deck: work on the details of getting my first mystery published (thanks to my best friend for the technical details that make the script more believable); figure out how to do a book trailer; work on making the audio recording studio work better (always a difficult fight); continue writing on Assumptions, and the infernal business of book marketing.

Have a fabulous week.

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