_Forever 11:59_ book cover

How cool is this!!!!

Special thanks to all the talented artists who made this possible: photographer  Karen Ball and graphic designer Korina Dove.

Korina is going on a mission trip to Thailand, and any and all donations would go to a very worthy cause. You can see more about the mission at Create Thailand.

You can process an electronic payment through PayPal by sending it directly to the school at payments@createthailand.com.  Please specify that it is a donation for Korina Dove CIDTS.

Best wishes and bon voyage to Korina for her journey. The lives she can touch, and the difference she can make fill me with awe.


I tried and tried and tried to conquer the software to do this, and it just “ate my lunch” as they say. So, after seeing how good the cover came out, I’m thinking that I have  to learn how to do this. I need some sort of book “Graphic design for dummies”. I’ve been trying to learn more about wheat farming, and the other day I said to a new acquaintence (who’s been patiently answering my questions about wheat farming) that I needed a book called “Wheat farming for dummies”. I have no idea if any of those exist, but they’d be well received in my house. It’s funny, but I’ve lived in wheat country for decades, and it’s only this fall that I’ve been “this” close to farm equipment and people who are patient enough to answer my questions about farming.

Anyway,  _Forever 11:59_  is my first mystery, and it will be published the fall. It is the first in a mystery series featuring the female protagonist, Carter Thompson. Carter travels around the country with a pickup pulling an RV. When she arrives in Autumn, Kansas for the celebration of her Aunt’s birthday, Carter ends up in the midst of a murder investigation.

Look for it on Amazon, and when it’s published, I’ll let you know here.

Have a fabulous week!

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