Editing and, oh yeah, more editing

So, I’m working on editing the mystery, which has turned into quite a job. I’ve done three passes on the editing portion, and now am up to proofreading.

And it turns out…I don’t know how to spell.     🙂

I told my mother I can’t spell: disdain, despair, Cincinnati, and adamant.

[distain, dispair, Cincinatti, adament]

She had entirely too much fun with that. She’s always telling me about typing something out and having to argue with the spell check (incidentally, the spell check wins! LOL).

So, in my proofreading of the book, I remembered these four words I did not know how to spell. It just goes to show you, no matter what you know, and how much you know, there’s always something you do not know.

I had signed my first book contract in 2005, and was in the process of becoming a published author before I learned that I got past and passed wrong. Wow, did I ever have those wrong.  I get the common ones right: to, too, two; and your and you’re. But, when I confused ‘past’ and ‘passed’, it made me wonder what else I got wrong, that wasn’t on my radar screen?

So, this week, I learned that I can’t spell:
disdain, despair, Cincinnati, adamant, place mat, mileage, visible, bratwurst, incoherent, artificially, reticent, cloaked, acquaintance, visibly, and noticeable.

You know when we are all in school, and when you got a word wrong, the teacher would make you write it 50 times? I always thought they were being mean. I was in college, and had to hear it from my English instructor, before I realized that the task was about making the hand and brain write it correctly. It was about muscle memory and repeating it correctly in the brain, to re-train oneself to the correct spelling.

How could I get all the way through school and not know that? As a child, I interpreted most authority figures as being mean–for the sole purpose of being mean. Go figure.

The mystery is called Forever 11:59. It features a female protagonist named Carter Thompson. I had been trying to write a novel since college. It took me years to figure out “how to pull a book out of a human”. Figuring out the mystery part of the plot was fairly easy. But it took years of thinking about the character of the lead protagonist, to know her. I wanted this series to be about observing what she sees, and hearing her inner dialog. It took awhile to build this character.

Carter lives in a travel trailer that she pulls behind a pickup truck. This setup will enable us to explore different geographic areas, as the mystery series progresses.

Having this book published, after all these years, it’s a dream come true. It seems to be more, somehow, than when one of the other books was published. Finally Mom made me see the light. She said, “The reason you wrote the other books, is for this book.” It’s true. I did write the romances as a way to get published and get established, and to show that I am a viable writer. Those books were stepping stones along the path…that leads to now.

So, I’m still proofreading, but the book will be available very soon.

Forever 11:59
-A Carter Thompson Mystery

  1. #1 by Lisa on November 20, 2011 - 12:36 am

    Just found your blog and had to laugh at the list of words you can’t spell. I read it like one of those writing exercises where we are given so many words and so many minutes to write something that uses them all. Any mystery that uses all the words in that list is one I’m going to have to watch for and read when it comes out. I’ll keep an eye on Amazon, and good luck to you.

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