Sometimes dreams do come true…

So, I’ve been in a blue funk for 2 weeks. It’s been a difficult 2 weeks, and if you read my last blog entry, you probably picked up on that.

But, in some magical place between 2:30 and 6:00 pm yesterday, the creativity came back online. I’m _me_ again.

And what happens today?

I had submitted our band music to an independent radio station, who promotes independent musicians. I got ane email saying they were going to play our band’s music on Thursday!

This is a life-long dream come true! To hear myself on the radio. To hear _us_ on the radio.

Jamin8 Radio from the Austin market, will be playing our band’s music the Ballroom Bruisers. This will happen on Thursday. 4 of our tracks will be played, and the Jamin8 radio station streams–so the whole world can listen!!!

Thank you Jamin8 for promoting music and for making dreams come true.

In other news…early this morning I FINISHED the manuscript for _Forever 11:59_. I’ve been working on the editing for weeks and weeks. It’s taken much, much longer than I had anticipated. Now I send it to one of my writing buddies to see if it passes muster. If she approves it, then it goes.


We have had the first snow of the season. This is a pic off my porch.

Oklahoma snowfall

Oklahoma snowfall

Have a fabulous day!

Go make all your dreams come true!!!




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