People count a lot of firsts in their lives. It’s just human nature. First date, first car, first paycheck.

Some musicians count their first guitar, the first record they bought…etc. (I have no idea what those things are for me–There have always been guitars and records around).

Most of my list of firsts is all about the creativity. It’s about the accomplishments on the stair steps to success. First paid gig as a musician.

First time to be in a movie.

First time to act with an Oscar winning actor.

First time to complete a manuscript.

First time I was offered a publishing contract.

First quilt that I completed.

First motor that I built–(AND the first time you crank a motor that you built with your bare hands. Priceless!)

This ladder that is show bidness is about the steps that you take to the top. You sure as hell better enjoy it along the way. It’s fine to have focus and ambition and single-vision drive.’s amazing to be able to share this journey. Life, and accomplishments are so much sweeter when the people who love you are more excited for you, than you are excited for yourself.

Because today….I had another first:  I heard myself on the radio for the first time. Our band, our music, our publishing, our songwriting was on the radio for the first time! Who would have thought it would have taken this long to accomplish? But still…some things in life are beyond awesome, and today was an awesome day!

Today we were played on the radio for the first time. It’s one step among many. I said to a work friend, “Now we have to figure out how to make this happen a million more times.”  He said, “That’s a good attitude to have.”

Goodness knows the music business isn’t easy to navigate (or nagivate….as it were).

My business partner, best friend, and bandmate, Don, said that we had to have a celebratory dinner to commemorate this milestone. We will pause, savor, enjoy. Then it’s back to drive and ambition and bulldozing our way. It’s about grabbing what you want with both hands and holding on tight.

So, it’s great to share these moments with friends and family. It’s great to take a moment to reflect.

Now…onward and upward. What is the next hill to climb? What is the next accomplishment? What is the next goal?


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