All the world’s a stage, and each must play a part…

…Well, I played my part last night. The “stage” was the sound system at our local Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Lighted Christmas Parade. I opened my mouth one too many times and volunteered myself to host the parade.

No, I’m kidding. I enjoy emcee work, and I do a lot of volunteer work for the Chamber, so this was fun. I didn’t know if I’d get back to town from work with enough time to spare, but the timing all worked out. I love emcee work and entertaining an audience and would like to get into more voice work. But, as with many of my other obstacles, geography is the problem. Oh well…we’ll deal with geography another day.

It was difficult to emcee and take pics all at the same time, but I tried.

Float from lighted Christmas Parade

Float from lighted Christmas Parade

The parade was a great success, and we had a good turnout, despite the cold temps. Then it was off to the airport for our first wintertime fireworks show.

I cut a small video clip of fireworks, but can’t upload right now. Drat! Oh well..any experience playing with video/audio tech is valuable experience. One of my cameras has a setting called ‘fireworks’, and I haven’t had the opportunity to use that, but it worked very, very well. This level of technology amazes me.

It’s been an intense week. Radio airplay, finishing the editing of the manuscript. Lots of hours at the day job. Shopping. Christmas prep and cards. Keeping up with my tv shows. Construction next door, which causes a lot of commotion, some of which they started some days before 6 am. I finally got caught up on some emails yesterday, but it seems like my friendships have suffered. I had dinner with a friend Wednesday evening, and it was the first time I’d seen him in two months. The book took up that much time.

The day after I finished the manuscript (I’ve sent it to a writing buddy for evaluation), I was up in the middle of the night, and it was sooo amazing to not have to work on that book. I could just veg or watch tv or work on computer stuff and not have to slog through that manuscript.

Anyway, my life is about creativity, but you can’t live in that bubble 100% of the time.  It’s all about the balance and finding a medium path between the drudgery of life and the enchantment of creativity. This week was a good balance.


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