It’s done!


The mystery manuscript is done! Who knew it would take that long? The book itself was written a few years ago. The last few months have been spent trying to edit and proof and work on the cover. I finally gave up on the graphic design and had someone else build the book cover (see earlier blog entry). And what I figured to be three weeks of editing turned out to be four months!

But yesterday, finally, the manuscript was complete. Immediately I started work on formatting. Each place to which you submit  requires a different format. I’ve done this enough now, to kind of have an idea of what I’m doing…but still…for each step of the process, you have to stop and figure and read and learn, and rework and resubmit. If there is a phrase “endless thinking” it applies here. You never get everything figured out.

So, today….after all this time, I just submitted the book to the print publisher. Now there is a turnaround time to see if it passes. There are soooo many mistakes that you can make, format, margins, content, crop, bleed, etc. Mostly I’m worried about the cover having enough dpi and data size to print accurately. Graphic design knowledge still eludes me. But, I’ve worked this as best I can, so there’s nothing to do but wait and see. If it passes, it passes. If not, I’ll revise and move forward and try it again.

So, yet one more time, dreams do come true. I wanted to be a writer in order to do this: write mystery novels. I created this female progatonist who is sassy and observant and has an inner dialog. I created the setup so that she lives in a travel trailer and goes to different locations, and therefore we can explore different locales in the books.

Here is the back blurb:

Forever 11:59 is the first book in an exciting new mystery series featuring the female protagonist Carter Thompson. Carter arrives in Autumn, Kansas to help her Great Aunt Edna celebrate her 80th birthday.

               Carter is a witty, sarcastic, observant woman, so as she is thrown into the melee of crazy,  gossipy small-town life, she finds herself reacting as a fish-out-of-water.

When a murder is committed and Carter finds that she can’t leave town, her powers of observation and curiosity kick in.


I won’t know what to do with myself. This has been my front burner project for sooo many months. In a way, the weight of the project has lifted off my shoulders. But the weight of everything else settles onto me again. There is sooo much work to do, so much to figure out, so much work to be done. I will never be satisfied. Even at those moments when I think of the things accomplished so far, all I can think of is the drive and ambition to move forward.

Are all creative people like this? How do things work in your creative life?

Wishing you peace.


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