Patriotism–expressed in song

I go to Branson, Missouri a lot. It’s my favorite vacation spot, and I go several times per year. One of the great things about Branson is that it promotes God and Country.

Most of the shows end their performances with a Patriotic song. But…there are only a few patriotic songs out there from which to choose. So, a couple years ago, after hearing one of those songs performed one time too often, I came out of a show and walked across a parking lot and thought, “Someone needs to write a new patriotic song”.

So, I did.

This process took a couple of years in the making, from writing the song, refining it, having my co-writers fine tune it, arranging it, figuring out the vocal styling/breathing, and then….recording it. So, yipee! As of this week, I have a track.

Now comes the marketing. So, I’ve been up half the night doing paperwork and getting a mailing ready to go out.

The song is called Stand Up for Lady Liberty.  It’s about hope and faith and trust and the foundation that this country was built on.

I have paperwork yet to do, so I’m not going to post the song online right now, but I plan to have it available for you soon.

As with anything I do, projects snowball at an amazing rate. But…if you have the work, then why not go all-in? Why not shoot a music video? I think it’d be great if another singer recorded the song, but that doesn’t preclude me from promoting the song with me as the lead singer.

Having achieved a certain age in a world where youth and looks are considered the most important thing in the music business, I had rather given up on me being a performing vocal artist. If I made it as a songwriter/publisher, then that’s fine. That’s enough. I still perform local shows and sing my own demos. That’s probably enough for me–right?

But, take a step back. With age comes wisdom. With age comes life lessons and experience. Those things don’t make the music less. They make the music become more. When you’ve lived through the highs and lows of life, your singing has so much more soul. Why must age be a factor in the music business–at least to the extent it is now?

So, as I was driving home from the recording session Wednesday night, an overwhelming calmness fell over my shoulders, and I had the feeling of “I am a recording artist”. I know I can sing.

Music business has been on the back burner for awhile, so it’s nice to move it to the front. I think I have two front burner things going, as the mystery book is sitting there awaiting my attention. The movie business is total back burner, but that’s okay…it’ll be there when I get there.

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