Free ebooks! Bad reviews!

So, today (Thursday) _Marriage 101_ is a free ebook download at Amazon.  Head on over and download a free copy.

Tomorrow (Friday) _Right Under Her Nose_ is a free ebook download at Amazon.

This whole process has been such a learning experience. Is giving away free ebooks a good way to increase an author’s visibility? I hope so. Time will tell. I’m enjoying the whole process. Each step in this journey is another step closer to success. Since I began participating in the free book download promotions, I’ve had 5000 free downloads. That’s probably 5000 people who would not have known about these books, otherwise.

So, a consequence of being an author (or creative person) is that you are putting yourself on the line and opening yourself up to criticism. And whoa! Criticism abides.  _Right Under Her Nose_ has received 3 bad customer reviews and 1 good customer review.

I’m okay with that. There are plenty of things that I don’t like, and not every book is everyone’s cup of tea. I try not to take criticism personally. In this business, you can’t let things of this nature affect you. But still…part of me wants to say “didn’t they get it?”

_Right Under Her Nose_ tells the story of Sam (a female) and Nate (her male best friend) who have a 20 year friendship. But, when feelings start to change, what happens then? The reviews are saying things like “I hated Sam”. “She was immature”. “She was selfish”. I was telling one writing buddy about this, explaining the character of Sam. She is a player. She wouldn’t know true love if it bit her on the butt. She has been out there dating for 20 years, and she’s jaded and has calluses on her heart. If she’s never experienced real love, and she’s only played the game, then of course she’s selfish and immature. The book is about the journey into finding unconditional love. This book is a chic lit from Sam’s perspective, and she doesn’t experience the world as other people do, nor see what they see.

If a person doesn’t believe in true love, and then love finds that person, what happens next?

That is the story I was trying to tell.

In other tidbits, I started a new book last night. Is it not enough to have about a dozen books “in progress” that exist only in my head? Do I need to add another one to the mix? Ironically that’s what happened when I wrote _Right Under Her Nose_. I had not planned that book at all, nor pre-thought it. I just started typing one evening, and it was there, and it came out soooo quickly.

Anyway, this time, I wanted a writing project that didn’t require intricate thinking–something where the characterizations and emotions could be easy. This book has the working title “Angel”, which refers to the lead character’s name. It will be a paranormal romance.

And I’ve been trying to make music more. I play the piano a lot–that’s my main instrument. But, I’ve got the electric guitar and amp plugged in and ready, and if I keep an acoustic guitar by my easy chair, it’s easy to grab and strum while watching tv. Yesterday I picked up my mandolin (for the first time in ages–judging by the dust), and then I thought “why the heck not?” and got out my banjo. Still waiting on the new violin bow to get here in the mail.

Here’s hoping you all have a fabulous day. Real life has been absolutely crazy here (car trouble, chemical spill and a possible town evacuation, etc). I’m ready for some good, calm down-time.



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