Free ebook: Forever 11:59– today only!

Head on over to Amazon to download a free Kindle ebook – my first mystery: Forever 11:59.

This ebook is free today, only, for the next few hours.

Even if you don’t have a Kindle–there is a great free software called Kindle For PC, that lets you utilize Kindle books. I have been reading digital library books on my computer for the last couple of weeks, and this new technology is fun and neat!!!


Trying to balance real life and a creative life can get intense. Just this week, there was a chemical leak near our town, and authorities issued a voluntary evacuation order. I went to stay with a friend who lives some miles away. I had car repair issues that took time to resolve. Every time I left the house, I’d pack the car, not knowing if I was going to get to come home for several days. As as result, now I can’t find anything. So, today I’ve been putting the house back together, cooking from scratch, doing laundry, etc.

I did some technical work on book things. A co-writer and I are working on a book with the code word “Reflections”, and I put some work into that. Most of my part of the writing is done, but the organization and editing will take some time. I need to draw a mailbox to be part of the cover art. Wow? Me, with a piece of cover art? I have art training, but it’s so far down on my priority lists, I don’t work it, nor practice it. But, in talking with my co-writer, I thought of a black and white drawing I’d done some years back, and asked if it could be considered to be part of the inside illustrations. Yes, it could. So, if I have one inside illustration, why not more? If it passes muster, imagine putting my artwork into a book? New territory to explore.

I set up the camera and shot many ‘studies’, to be considered for cover art for various projects. I have many book things going. One cover art is a necklace, but I was able to experiment with various lighting, and we got some interesting photos.

I need another cover art with an outdoor chair, a patio umbrella, a lemonade glass with a small umbrella, and the figure of a female sitting in this chair–we the viewer are looking from the back. So, I drew that, just to get the angles down, but I think we’ll have to set up the photo shoot, and get a real study. This is too much to create just with a picture of a chair; a picture of a patio umbrella, etc.

I went out and took photos of my mailbox. I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what I was doing.

So, anyway, art is percolating. It’s yet another form of creativity, and one I’ll explore more fully–someday (ah…that mythical ‘someday’)

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the beginning chapters of the paranormal mystery, code name Angel. I’m hoping to have this written in a month or so. Once I hit the ‘writing mode’, it goes quickly. But, I can’t exist at that level of output all the time. They say, if you write, you must write every day. It took me years to figure out “how” I work. I finally decided, “I’m not a writer every day.” Nor am I a musician or filmmaker. I just take it as it comes. There are those who would say that my approach is wrong. But, it works for me. There’s not one rule or method for being a writer. Everyone has a different process.

Wishing you peace and happiness in all the areas of your lives.


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  1. #1 by Jackie Paulson on March 5, 2012 - 2:18 am

    Thank you going to download now.

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