Free ebook on Tuesday: Branson’s Beauty

Today there is a free ebook download on the Kindle platform for _Branson’s Beauty_.

The book is a romance novella, set in the showbusiness world of Branson, Missouri.

The free book promotion is for today only (Tuesday) for Kindle books. If you don’t have a Kindle ereader, there is a great free software called Kindle for PC that lets you read Kindle books on your computer.


Things are happening here, as usual. Yesterday I worked on Reflections, both the writing and illustrations. I drafted a drawing of a mailbox (which is my part of the cover art), and wrote a good bit of the interior stories. In my whole life, I’ve never had two active writing projects going at once. I might write one thing, then put it away, and write another. But, this week, I’ve actively written on two books at the same time. There was a time when I could not even have a day job and have a writing project going. (The writing project took too much concentration.) Now, I’ve got a day job, multiple writing projects, art projects, music projects, etc.

Jump back!

If creativity is a train, it’s nice when it is rolling down those tracks.

Have a fabulous day.


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