Public Speaking

What is it about public speaking that bothers people so much? I know that most people dread it more than death, but I love it. Give me a microphone and I’m home.

I do a lot of volunteer work with the Chamber of Commerce, and we served a meal tonight to an annual event. So, it’s nice to go and help out, and I enjoy seeing friends and people at this event.

But, another Chamber person and I were talking, and she was due to give the welcome, and she said she hates public speaking. I said that I love it. So, without planning it ahead of time, I made the l speech at this event tonight. (If I’d known I was doing that, I  would have dressed better! LOL)

Why is it that show people love attention so much?

Was chatting with another Chamber friend and mentioned my new book. I said something about, “I have ebooks for 99 cents”.  She said, “You mean I can read them on my Kindle!?!?!”

So, that was super fun. Our local library is having an open house this week, and I donated my newest book to their items for which they were holding a drawing. Being an ex-librarian, I love to support libraries in any way I can.

So, other than that, still plugging along. Working on writing 2 books, thinking of music business things. There’s always something percolating, even when it’s not big news to post here.

Have a great week and a Happy Easter!



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