This evening, I got to attend a concert with great musicians and musicianship.  It’s truly inspiring what good music can do–how it can carry a person through. How do people out there live without music?

Tonight’s concert was divided into 3 setups. The first was a high school jazz band, and they were good. The second was students from four different schools playing together. The third was a group called Stillwater Jazz, and they were non-students who play together–obviously for fun and enjoyment. But more than that, when you are a musician…you have to play. You have to make music. Music pours out of you. So, this group called Stillwater Jazz had true musicians. I wish I had been a part of that when I lived in Stillwater.

It’s so inspiring. I come home and wonder why I am not playing with a group like that. Why am I not playing more jazz (on multiple instruments). (Oh yeah…I’m too busy trying to earn a living, write books, record music in studio, and the 20 other things I’m trying to handle).

A body can only do so much. And I made an intellectual decision  years ago to focus the brunt of my music on publishing/songwriting and place live performance in second place behind that. I don’t regret it. This is the right decision for me. My future in music is in publishing and songwriting. But still…hearing such talented musicians tonight, you really, really, really regret not being up there.

So, thanks to all the great musicians tonight who inspire the rest of us. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.



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