Smokey and the Bandit

Profound truth:
“When you tell someone something,
it depends on what part of the United States you’re standing on
as to just how dumb you are.”

It’s all about context
And timing

Who has time for pretension
Deliver me from pretentious bullshit

Burt Reynolds had it right.
Choose your time
Choose your words
Choose your audience


Find the right time for something.

Find your context.

Find your audience.

      For the things that you can’t say one way, say another. If you can’t say it in biography; say it in poetry. People will spend years debating the meaning, tearing it apart, finding context you never intended. But still…when you ache for people to know something, find a way to say it.

     Songwriting. Poetry. Some people seem to think that songs are poems set to music. Perhaps sometimes they are. Not in my case. The place from which each springs, in me, is different. The creative process is different.

     I’ve been writing my biography as I journey through life. Then I’ve been through so much that can’t be written. I’ve lived enough for  three or four lifetimes already. Who would believe my story? Who would believe my journey? I don’t even believe the path life has taken me to get here.

     I’ve been writing a collection of poetry for the last fifteen years or so. But like all of my work, there are things that are front burner and back burner. Poetry has been back burner for a long while.

     Then, several days ago, I wrote a poem. It helped soothe. It facilitates understanding. It gives context.

     So, for the things I can’t say in the biography…I can say in the poetry.

     “Smokey and the Bandit” – the above poem, to be published in the forthcoming edition of poetry…entitled: _Lifetimes_.


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