Vast Skies

We had storms last week, and I grabbed my camera. The thing about Oklahoma– you have to respect the power of Mother Nature. If there is a storm coming, you do not mess around. Take precautions. You never know what may happen next.

After the storm


As you can see from the top picture, the wheat field is ready to harvest. Harvest has come early this year, but it’s a Murphy’s Law type thing–when you need to harvest, the rains will come. And they did.

Other creativity is slow, but that’s okay. I tell myself it’ll pick up when it picks up. I have so much I _want_ to do, but if the *umph* isn’t there (whatever you call that magical energy that makes things good), then there’s no use in trying to gut your way thru it. Just now sat down at the piano and sang, and was surprised by the amount of *voice* I had. It’s not about the technical stuff. It’s about the amount of heart you can pour into it. So, that’s slowly coming back. It comes and goes–ebbs and flows.

Wishing you happiness and peace.


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