So, I’m channel surfing this evening, and what is on the TV, but a movie I had worked on: I was an extra on Pearl.

Pearl (imdb) and Pearl (official website), was one of the best movie sets I’ve worked on. They treated us well, and treated us with respect. The set was sooo easy going.

The movie is about Pearl Carter Scott, who is a Chickasaw Indian, who became the youngest licensed pilot (I did that from memory, so apologies if I get something slightly wrong.) The movie was filmed in Oklahoma a couple years ago, and it was great to be able to act in it.

What’s neat about this, is that the movie opens, set in Marlow, Oklahoma in 1927. At some point later, there is a scene in a diner, set in Marlow, Oklahoma, and that’s the scene I worked (although we filmed in Guthrie). But, there is a strong connection to my family, as my family has a history in Marlow, Oklahoma, although I’m not sure exactly what years my grandparents lived there (it was an on and off thing), as well as some aunts and uncles. So, it’s unlikely, but what if someone in my family actually went to that restaurant that Pearl Carter Scott worked at? And years later, I worked as an extra in a scene representing that same thing!!!

Coincidence? Or fate?

When you have a chance, see the movie. It has great vintage automobiles and planes. When I started learning filmmaking, one of the pieces of advice was: don’t make a period picture. (It’s too difficult to come up with costumes, old cars, horses, no power lines, etc–or whatever the movie calls for). So, for an independent movie to get made–that was a period piece, much less with vintage airplanes–kudos to these filmmakers.

On a personal note–thank you _universe_ for playing this movie on tv tonight. There are times when you are so tired or life keeps handing you problems, and you wonder “Why the hell am I even trying this crazy life?” (those times usually don’t last long, but still…they happen).

Then you channel surf and find a movie that you worked on. Then people show up and you explain why you are watching the movie you are watching, and the people are impressed and think that your life is super-cool.

Take a step back. Breathe. Smile. Remember.

Oh yeah—THIS is why I do this!


  1. #1 by thecaptainnemo on July 17, 2012 - 2:42 am

    Thanks for pointing this film out- I can’t wait to see it and I know a few Airplane afficiandos who will probably enjoy it as well.

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