The latest photos

Well, as per usual, my photography slowed down, along with everything else. But, for crying out loud–the days are 105* (F). Running around in that kind of heat can kill you. No joke.

So, I carry my camera everywhere, and shoot quite a few pics, just in terms of everyday life, but haven’t downloaded or posted photos in awhile.

I love where I live. Oklahoma is a wonderful place–full of kind people who will care and support you. But, living in the flat plains, there aren’t that many landscapes you can shoot. (I try to avoid having power lines in my pics, as well as oil derricks, fences, etc.  I keep longing to go to Colorado on a photo shoot. I have a friend who went there a year or so ago, and looking at his pics–wow–I want those vistas to shoot!)

Anyway, since I can’t think of new pics around here to shoot, I decided to utilize whatever I could find: –like weeds on the roadside!

Weeds on the roadside 1

Weeds on the roadside 2

Other shots:

I love these skies. Can one really imagine how big the Earth is? Living on the flat prairie, it’s like living inside half a sphere.


Angles, curves and spaces

I don’t understand why, but the above picture really draws me in. Something about the lines of the roof, and the curve of the tops of the trees, and the spaces in the trees to see sky. I didn’t digitally manipulate it (other than to resize it.) That is ALL in camera–the original shot. No cropping. No sweetening.

I read a book once, and lead character was an artist, and she’d sketch and draw things. And she described the spaces between objects by saying, “It has such lovely negative spaces.” I’m not an artist, but that one sentence made me rethink everything about how I look at objects. I look at what is there. And I look at what isn’t there.


I saw the above picture and wanted to photograph it. We had a tornado in our part of the country on April 30. This is some sort of evergreen tree, and the force of the tornado pulled the tree apart. The tree is still alive, but what would have been the inside is now exposed, and the green part is lying next to the ground.

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