The majesty – of horses

It was a long day. I thought about going on a photo shoot, but somehow…it seemed like going to the bar to throw back a cold one was a better idea.

And who do I run into but an acquaintance who has horses? I’m always asking about the horses and if she has baby horses, and if I can come take pictures? Every time I ask, she says yes. But after three years, I just haven’t gone to do it. So, today… she says she’s headed out to see the horses, and do I want to come along?


I always have a camera (or three) with me, but I was worried about my batteries. After all, opportunities like this don’t come along every day. I did use up the batteries, but my spares were good.

And for those of you city slickers—it’s impossible to pet these beautiful, wonderful, majestic creatures and feel bad. Horses always make you feel better.


Just doin’ my own thing






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