Free ebook this weekend-Branson’s Beauty

Free ebook this weekend. Branson’s Beauty.

Free on Kindle on Amazon.


Connie Aberdeen moves back to Missouri to provide a safe place for her young niece Sarah to grow up. In the aftermath of tragedy, Connie will do anything to provide a good life for Sarah. But when Fate offers her a chance to sing on a famous Branson, Missouri show, Connie takes the job, even though it means daily contact with the man who broke her heart–her old love, Chance McAffey.


If you don’t have a Kindle. There is a great software called Kindle for PC. It’s free. And you can enjoy the ebook revolution.
I loved writing this book. I’d planned it maybe 6 years before I wrote it. Books live in my head for quite some time, before I find a way to pull them out of my body. But I wanted to write something with a child in it, to see if I could convey the special unconditional love between an adult parent and a child. I loved the character of Sarah.


A small voice was coming up behind her.
“Who dat on the phone?”  Sarah asked.
Connie turned to look at her.  If the view out of her kitchen windows brought her peace, the sight of her young niece would always bring her joy.
“It was an old friend,” Connie replied.
“What he want?”
“Oh, nothing.  He wanted me to go sing.”
“Oh, Aun’ Connie.  You gonna go sing?”
“No, pumpkin.  I don’t think so.”
Sarah’s face screwed up into an adorable pout.  “Aun’ Connie.  You gotta go sing.  When I’m sad, you sing an’ you make me feel better.”
Connie marveled at how one little human could fill her with so much love.
“Really, sweetheart?”
Sarah hugged her bear closer.  “Uh huh.  You need to sing all the time.”
“I wish I could sing all the time, but honey, I don’t think that’s possible.”
“Why not?”
“Well, I’d have to sing in Branson, and that’s a long car ride away.”
Sarah chewed her lip in thought.  “How long?”
“About forty-five minutes.”
Sarah thought some more.  She turned to the bench by the back door and picked up her little red patent leather purse.  Very carefully, she opened it and put her safety blanket inside.  She walked across the room to the cookie jar, opened it, and took out one cookie.  She put the cookie in the purse and snapped it closed.  She turned a cherub face to Connie.  “I ready!  Let’s go!”


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