Making Music

So, things have been rather slow in the creative department for me for the last few months. When that creative wellspring is slow or used up or not filling quickly (or your lifeforce energy is being diverted elsewhere), you do what you can do, but you can’t force it.

So, it’s a surprise to me when…out of the blue…I wrote 2 songs, 2 weeks ago. And I have yet another song bouncing around in my head, looking for a way to get out. So, for one of the songs I wrote, I need to record it.

I fire up the recording studio, and yet again, I was surprised when IT WORKED! After all these years of trying to make adequate recorded music, it worked. (Thank you universe for new equipment, new knowledge and new wiring! — and a low signal to noise ratio!!!)

Then, also, out of the blue, I got asked to compose music for a project. This is a bit of a stretch for me. I have a deep history of composing–but it’s composing stuff from my work, my head, my plans, my heart, my soul and my creativity. What is it to compose music for someone else’s vision of a song? I know that I have the skills to do this (with no guarantees of how good or adequate the finished song might be), but it’s a good way to stretch the creative muscles. It puts me in musical places I would not have gone: a meter I would not have chosen; a chord progression utilizing a 2/4 measure; learning horn instrumentation and range; composing to another singer’s range and abilities. So, it’s been a good challenge and good for the purpose of sending me musically to a place I had not been before.

And to fill the creative wellspring, or help fill it, it’s always good to expose yourself to good music and musicians (which always makes me want to come home and practice more). I saw the Diamond W Wranglers in concert, and they are fabulous.

Diamond W Wranglers

Also…some cloud pics, just because I was updating pics.



Peace, baby!

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