The-th…th-th-th-th…That’s showbiz!

I do a lot of Emcee work for community events. And I do a lot of volunteer work with the Chamber of Commerce.

So, tonight we had our annual lighted Christmas parade and wintertime fireworks show.

I love to entertain. Give me a microphone and I’m home. It’s so engrained in me–I can’t understand those people who…don’t like public speaking??

It’s showbiz! You  never know what’s gonna happen. Just catch it on the fly and hope you can pull off the show. Last year, down at parade, the others in Chamber went and got the parade list, so when they handed me a card, I’d read it. This year,  I got smarter. I went down the parade route, and wrote down stuff myself, and looked at the floats ahead of time. Much less anxiety. That way I knew what was coming, who was where, and I was much more on top of things. I have such a fear of getting my card out of order, and announcing the wrong thing.

So, during all that time, I was away from the announcer’s booth. I get back, and they tell me there are power problems. I give the welcome and make some safety announcements. Here comes the police chief to lead the parade, and the fuse blew on my side of the street! Argh! What to do. At least I had already announced the fireworks show. I went out to the chief of police, to ask to have him park, so I could use his loudspeaker. But, that didn’t work. He had to lead the parade on the rest of the route. Okay….just at that moment, thank you Heavens above, the power came back on.

Whew! My chamber friend had her fingers crossed the whole time that we’d make it.

We had some lovely floats. You never know who will show up with what, and it’s great to see the community come up with such unique ideas.


Lighted choo choo train

Lighted choo choo train


Lighted horse

Lighted horse

There were some great floats. But it’s super hard to take pics in the dark–take pics of light IN the shot, and take pics when things are moving–all while trying to HOST the parade! Anyway, these do give an idea of how neat this parade is.

Then, the best part…

Santa Claus comes riding on a…..

Super-Duper Fabulous Harley.



So, we made it thru the parade–WITH electricity. Someone above must have been looking out for us.

So, off to the airport for the wintertime fireworks show.

We learned the TRUE meaning of FIREworks.

We’ve had a drought. And there were several small grass fires. Argh! Worry. Every time a spark would approach the ground, we’d clasp our hands together and pray: please go out, please go out, please go out.

Whew! But, we made it safely. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

So, from our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

I wish for you all, peace and joy and love and happiness. May you each achieve your dreams!


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  1. #1 by Zombie Minstrel on December 12, 2012 - 3:26 am

    Now that’s my Kind of Santa!

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