The movie bid-ness

They just called me to come in for two more days of filming on the movie.

This is the movie I worked last weekend. It has one more week of production, and they were casting extras for 6 days this week, so I went ahead and submitted. How cool is this?!?!

It’s dog-gone amazing. First of all, if you go work for someone, and they think enough of you to bring you back–that is a huge compliment. But this was a fun production, and they treated us well, so that is good–to have a good situation to go to.

I keep using the line, if we had gone to Hollywood to try to break into the movie bid-ness, we would not have gotten as much action as we’ve gotten the last five years in Oklahoma.

I get a kick out of playing “Six Degrees of Separation”, because I can get from me (little old me–a nobody that nobody knows), to virtually any movie star in three degrees, and a huge percentage of the time I can get there in two degrees.

When I was gathering wardrobe for the production last weekend, I was digging in my closet, and I have so many neat clothes. But the thing is–in everyday life, I don’t care anything about clothes. I wear plain T-shirts and plain sweatshirts, usually in dark colors. I don’t want for people to recognize me, stop me on the street, etc. In everyday life, I have the “entertainer” part of my personality turned off. When it’s “on”, it’s ON. I can walk into any room and make people notice me. I get hit on a lot. People want a piece of you. You get a lot of attention from hanger-oners. So, part of the way I handle that is to not draw attention to myself every day. The plain dark clothes are a form of disguise.

So, I was digging in my closet, wondering why I don’t wear my nice clothes. I just don’t care anything about that in everyday life. But, I have them. And when occasions come along to wear them–I’ve got them. I was talking to my Mom (a total clothes horse and a fabulous designer–she designs a lot of the original jewelry I wear on stage and in performances), and we laughed that–I’m putting together nice outfits to wear in a scene at a nice restaurant. Other people–they actually wear their nice clothes out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Me–I wear nice clothes when acting that I’m having dinner in a nice restaurant.

Oh well…to each his own, they say.

Everytime I do something like this these last few weeks (I did a meeting for playwrights last week-mostly to go network), I seem to complain that it’s slowing down the progress on getting the book out. Maybe I’ve said that one time too many, because just now my Mom told me, “The book WILL get done.”  She’s right. It gets done when it gets done. And outputting a book always, always takes longer than you think it will. So, my choices were, not submit for the movie and have more time for the book, or submit for the movie, hope you get cast, and that pushes the book another few weeks. Well, the book will be there in a few weeks, but the movie will not.

The whole balance thing is challenging, no? How do you divide up the slices of the pie?

For most of this amazing journey, you just trust that what needs to happen will happen. Part of the time I’m a fatalist, and part of the time I’m the other way. No matter what, I’ve been given some amazing life experiences. Thanks for sharing.

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