Hot Mustang, Stunt Men, Car Chase…I think I’m in Bullitt!

Or…scenes of a movie extra, day 3.

They called me back for a third day to be an extra on Higher Mission. This was fun. I had been told to bring “dressy” wardrobe. We’d be eating dinner in a nice restaurant.

I wear an “outfit”. I have learned enough on movie sets to take extra clothing, and take a wide variety of clothing. But, I dress nice at home, and drive in, wearing my outfit.

It’s back to Guthrie, OK and my call time is 9:30. It’s dark and gray and there are little raindrops every so often. But the wind is up, and it’s generally miserable to be outdoors.

So, guess what? We are to film outdoors!

We are to play restaurant patrons, at an outdoor cafe. Well, if that’s the job, I’m happy to do it. I’ll do anything they ask.

Then you start to overhear things, and….gee this is kind of cool….

They have hot cars…

Setup for car stunt scene

Setup for car stunt scene

The hot Mustang

The hot Mustang

I tell you…I see this car, and I see the setup they are doing for the car crash stunt scene, and I start looking around for Steve McQueen. Did they have this much fun on Bullitt?

Note the license tags

Note the license tags

So, I play “pedestrian”. I get to walk down the sidewalk, and as the action happens, you react to it.

That’s another thing that was soooo cool about this production.

Let’s say that on a movie set, you are dining at a restaurant, and they are filming two people in the center of the restaurant. So, you don’t get to LOOK at anything. It’s hard to act like you are dining. But, in the actual filming, you can not watch. That’s pretty standard. You can’t look at the camera. You can’t look at the action.

This movie….you could look. If there was some type of action – a person running into a scene, or cars moving or something happening, you got to watch. That was a first for me. When anything happened on set (on camera), they wanted you to react to it.

Guthrie is an amazing town. Great downtown. Great restoration of buildings.

SANY1939 med ir


I love the process of making movies. Yes, there is a lot of “sit around and wait”.

But, when you are a movie director/producer, you are responsible for every single thing that happens on a set. The success or failure lies on your shoulders.

So, that’s why it’s really fun to go be an actor. You don’t have responsibility. Let me re-phrase that. You have the responsibility to do your job. But–as an actor, even if you are only an extra, the weight of the entire production doesn’t rest on your shoulders. You meet the most interesting people. You can learn what others are doing–production wise. I realize that as a writer–my movies are too talk-y. I need to include more action (and I’m taking the lesson to heart–our next movie project of our own is ALL action).

Working on this movie was a great experience. I’m glad I had it. But, whew! I need some downtime. I told someone I was probably going to take a week of downtime (meaning to just do the day job, but not take on anything else–no extra projects). That’ll probably last about a day. After one free day, I’ll be so bored. I’ll dive back into the grindstone of creative endeavors.

That’s okay, I have lots of projects to keep me busy. I’m sooo close to having that book published. I would have had it out by now, but this movie process was too neat to pass up.

Thanks for sharing this journey. In a world where negativity and criticism are the standard; it’s great to have friends with whom one can experience the joy.



  1. #1 by blessmyjourney on February 12, 2013 - 5:05 pm

    I like one of the grey car photo! 😀 And the it’s true “You meet the most interesting people. You can learn what others are doing–production” Like this! Thank’s for visiting mine, greeting from newbie from the block! 🙂

  2. #2 by Ingrid on February 12, 2013 - 6:40 pm

    Sounds like a fun experience. I did some commercials and product ads when I was younger and always met some very interesting and creative folks. Enjoy a little down time, however short 🙂

  3. #3 by Laurie Buchwald on February 13, 2013 - 10:09 pm

    I love these beautiful buildings (I guess I should be looking at the cars, huh?). Nice architecture!

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