Pics and tidbits

Well, there are baby steps of things happening here, but each little amount of work does add up to something.

Yesterday I went out and shot B-roll for a video for our forthcoming web series.

Here are a few stills.

Gorilla Eagle Elephant

We did have a different plan for shooting the web series, but people’s schedules didn’t work out. So, maybe this particular episode is something we can pull off in the next few weeks. I’d love to be able to tell people “here is the link to our webseries!”  Dreams…dreams….

There is a lot of other creative stuff going on, but each little story together really doesn’t add up to a blog post.

For starters…I made good and reasonable demos in my recording studio. If’ I’ve complained about it enough, then this is the flip side. I bought the first four track analog recorder somewhere in ’95 or ’96. And I’ve worked it, and then switched to digital recording on the computer, and nothing has been good enough. Now,  I have used what demos I’ve made and pitched them across the world. But still…you need to work at a reasonable, competitive level. So, you keep trying to build your technical ability.

In fighting this recording studio problem, I’ve tried sooo much. But, you are working blind. You don’t know what to do, till you try it. So, you buy a component, but does it work with other stuff? You try and try and reject and try and try. So, finally, I made an online acquaintance, who suggested a software called Reaper. And it works. I realized that in all my previous attempts at digital recording, I had switched out the electricity, the interface, the computer, the guitar, amps, FX, etc, but the main constant was the software. And in my old software, the instructions were virtually untranslatable. This acquaintance, when I told him what software I was using, he said, “it sucks.” I went and looked at reviews for that software. They agreed. So, I have tried this Reaper, and it works. The instructions are understandable. It’s intuitive. So (you know who you are!) thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!!!    Progress!

I recorded some demos, and they are usable. My songwriting partner said that she couldn’t tell the difference in quality between my demos at the big recording studio and my studio. Now THAT is something! So, I will record demos at my home studio, and save my precious time at the big studio for actual tracks and full song masters. Being that winter is over with (tho we’ve still had some cold days), I’m ready to get back into music mode. It shuts down in the winter–I don’t understand it, but it does. And it wakes up in the spring. There’s no use agonizing over it. It’s just the way I’m built.

So, after how many years, and how much frustration—NOW maybe, recording isn’t a problem??? It’s like a huge weight off my shoulders.

I went to a playwright meeting. This is the second time I’ve been, and it’s good to meet people and network. In this particular group, there are a lot of people who work in multiple fields–as I do. I can’t work just one field. It’s too boring. I need the variety. Anyway, that group has a website.

I made a pitch for one of our plays. I’ve pitched it probably 20 times, but you just keep working it. I have those letter magnets on my refrigerator, and I have them spelling out, “Put it out there!” It doesn’t matter what you are pitching–songs, scripts, plays, acting, movies, photography…the important thing is–send it to the world. This is what I call the velcro approach: eventually–something will stick.

The Terrence Malick movie that I worked, “To the Wonder” opens in limited theatrical release April 12. I keep looking for local showings (we are sparsely populated. Local means within 150 miles.). Finally I found a list of theatres.

So, how far am I willing to go to see this movie? It does release on VOD April 12. So, am I willing to watch it online? The April 12 Bartlesville showing is one night only. I finally found the Circle Cinema showing in Tulsa, which has a week long run from April 26 to May 2.

Found a few clips online for the movie.

It has been a lifelong dream to see myself on the silver screen. I don’t care if it’s as an extra or background. It’s just amazing to be a part of this community.

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