Song – Handle with Care

Handle with Care – (youtube link)

performed by Amanda Ball.

Written by Amanda L. Ball and Karen Ball.

(Coincidentally- that’s us at the first image of the video. Karen is my mother, and the picture is her holding me as a baby.)

This song is about love. I had no idea this song was that powerful. It was just words in my notebook. I was in studio one day, and just tried to get off a quick piano/vocal demo. The engineer had been showing me all that was possible-in terms of technology. So, we “built” the song. We did more than build the technical material of the song. We made magic.  Magic happened that day.

The song is about giving your heart to someone, and how precious that trust is. And how rare. But right now, having collected these images for this video, and having built the video: I feel so surrounded by love.

With love – anything is possible.


In other news…we went to see the new Star Trek movie today: Star Trek: Into Darkness. All I can say is: WOW!

It bears saying again: WOW! That is some kind of movie. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Those people know how to make a movie.

I have a new goal in life: I want to direct one of those!!! (not kidding – folks!)


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