Song: Baby, don’t you cry

Amazing recording session today.

Baby, don't you cry

Baby, don’t you cry

The song is called Baby, Don’t You Cry.

I wrote this song driving across Louisiana. I thought up every term of endearment I could possibly remember. Then I went to my co-writers and we thought up more.

I went ahead and designed the record jpg, to put up on youtube for some of these songs. Creating a song is hard work. It’s taken me years to be able to have adequate recorded media.

But, to have to shoot, and arrange, and produce the music videos–that is twice again as much work. I have a couple of music videos (for other songs), in the pipeline. One is already shot, but I need to revise the music. One is not shot yet, but we have a plan for the video shoot. (Soon I hope).

So, I want the music to be out there and in the world. So, I put it on youtube, and don’t have a fancy video to go with it.

I’ve had these songs in “the drawer” for far too long. The hold up has been…having adequate audio masters. Finally, finally, finally–that is happening. I am very lucky to have met an extremely talented audio engineer/musician, who brings amazing talent to the work.

Isn’t it great when you connect with someone you work with?

I am reminded of the movie “Chicago.” I saw an interview with the director, and he talked about how everyone was on the same page. He said, “Everyone–down to the key grip–was making the same movie.”

Well, when you make music, and you are in sync..musicality, minds, hearts, souls…it’s really cool. When you connect to people in studio when you are making the music–then something about that translates through to the listener.

I make music that has an emotional connection. Now, each song can convey a different emotion. But, I strive to work with heart. My motto is…if your heart’s not in it…don’t do it.

That is 180* opposite of the attitude and method of modern music.

My approach to the music was what music was for the first 80 years of recorded music. Then current music switched to the overproduced; sound-the-same; don’t-make-waves; lowest common denominator factor that seems to be the mantra of modern recorded music.

We’ve had enough of that. It’s time to switch back.


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