Days gone by…

Just a couple of photos this week. I wasn’t on an actual photo shoot, but did get a couple of interesting shots.

SANY2357 med ir

SANY2351 med ir

A tiny rural church was closing, in a tiny rural community that is dying. The church was organized in the late 1890s, so I guess the water pump has been there a long time. I’m so glad we don’t have to get water like this anymore!

The tree is another example of ‘days gone by’. It was planted, and has grown tall, withstanding many transitions. But, still it stands strong.


Tons of creative activities this week, but not enough finalized to post here. Writing is happening. Music is happening. I need to go to my own studio and record individual music tracks–which I take to the big studio to be incorporated and mastered. Next time I go to the big studio, I have an almost finished track to be finessed, so that’s almost done. It may be my new favorite track-ever. (I’ve probably listened to it 200 times this week. Not exaggerating! It is sooo cool–the situation I mean. After all these years of trying to record, and NOT being able to make it as good as I want it to be–finally it’s happening. You just sit back and marvel.)

Then, as people ‘clue in’ to what I’m doing and what my life’s work is all about, and they have that “moment” when they get it, and somehow, they communicate that moment with you…it’s amazing. After all these years of me telling people “I’m a musician,” and you get back…the blank stare.

I’m probably not explaining this right. I could always “get” them, via live performance. But, unless you are on a tv show or something, you’re not gonna be exposed to that many people. And…all these years, the recorded audio wasn’t good enough. It didn’t capture or convey the soul of the song, nor the performance.

Now…finally, that is good enough. I’m hearing comments like, “Wow!” “The voice!” “My husband turned his head and he had tears in his eyes…”

(Actually I actually played acoustic guitar, inthe big studio–live, this week, on this song and we used the track. I won’t say the guitar work was  good. It was up to the level of adequate. Wow–I actually played acoustic guitar–adequate! LOL As much as I’ve complained about it–wow. Never thought I’d get it up that far. But, I’ve been working the problem–I recorded 2 guitar tracks at the home studio, already, and used them in songs at the big studio. So that is working! Somehow! Finally!)

I want to set up an interesting video shoot. I want to get candles, champagne and a red rose, and shoot it as a still life, but video not still photography. In low lighting situations, video can get grainy. So, I’ve been optioning settings in my head, trying to plan ahead and get the best one. But, it’ll be a matter of setting it up, and doing it, before I know if it’ll actually work or not.

Let’s see…about a week and a half ago, I wrote the perfect song for the perfect singer:

Roy Orbison.

Oops! Who in the world am I gonna get that can sing that? I’ve spent the last 25 years trying to be able to sing “Cryin'”. I still won’t sing it in public.

Actually, the story is quite funny. Mom and I had been discussing old tv westerns. Then I changed the subject, and I said, “I wrote the perfect song for Roy.”

She goes: “Rogers?”

I started laughing. In any other context, _Roy_ would mean Orbison. But, in the context of old westerns, Rogers comes to the forefront.

Either way, I’m outta luck!



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