Made a trip to the music store this weekend. I have instruments all over the house. In fact, I don’t have enough walls for them all. So, I got a new treasure:

SANY2586 med ir

But, if one is good:

SANY2587 med ir

…two is better.

I’ve been playing bass a lot these last couple of weeks. Normally, the bass case, leans on the wall next to my computer desk. But, with it in and out so much, I have been leaving the case in the middle of the studio floor. So…the instrument stands are a huge help!

SANY2588 med ir

I have been wanting this for 3 or 4 years. I’d see it in the store, and then decide not to get it. But…this is a transducer pickup–for acoustic instruments. And the little amp is a _little_ amp. It can strap on your belt and be held. So, since I’m doing so much work in studio these days, I went ahead and got these.

But, the thing I’m MOST excited about:

SANY2589 med ir

This is a guitar player footrest. Why, why, why didn’t I have one of these before? I’m short–5 foot-nothing. I’m always having to hit the wildest contortions to play guitar. The other day, I turned my studio trash can upside down, and rested my foot on it. It made all the difference. It was like night and day, in terms of how to physically play. Tall people will not understand this, but when you sit in a regular chair, and your feet don’t reach the floor–it’s a challenge.

So, I’m excited.

Saw a good concert Saturday night. The main star was an “entertainer”. Why, why, why is that so rare? Yes, he was and is a good singer. Usually, if you describe someone who goes on stage and sings, you’d call them a singer. But, _entertainer_ is so much more than that. The man sang Sammy Kershaw’s Love of my Life, and that song is now haunting me. Yes, I already knew it, and could mouth along the words, but after this weekend, the impact of that song packs a wallop.

The man also came out, with an acoustic guitar and stool (and solo spotlight) and sang Roy Orbison’s Cryin’. He pulled it off. He did a good job. But there are some songs that _only_ the original singer can sing. Do you know what I mean? If you hear the intro to a song, and the cover band is going to attempt a performance, you just shake your head because no one–no one can pull off a song like the original. They shouldn’t even try.

I keep a setlist for each concert I see. So, for this one, I made myself a note: Learn and perform “Heartache Tonight”. Excellent song. Great to perform live.

I’ve been accomplishing a lot of creativity this week, but it’s not actual “complete” stuff that you can talk about here, and people can get a sense of what’s been accomplished. I’ve been playing bass. Been doing a lot of arrangement work (in building a track in the big studio, you have to plan and figure out what happens, what each instrument does, how the song will go…etc). I’ve been recording individual instrument tracks here at my own studio, to take to the big studio to be mixed there.

When I record here at home, I can do as many takes as it takes to get it right. When you are in the big studio, you are always aware of the minutes of the clock ticking away. But the irony is…when I’m alone and playing alone, it’s a lot easier to zone, and ironically–I work fewer takes here than in the big studio.

Wrote a song a few days ago. Actually, tons of ideas are popping out at me, for songwriting. I wrote, wrote this one. Wrote lyrics on novelty song, and sent it to my partner for his input.

I’ve been doing a bit of book writing, but that’s just about accumulating words on a page. Also started the second poetry book.

I built those three music videos last weekend. Now I’m sooo conscious of finding video shots on the fly–to use for videos.

The show Saturday night, they had a neat video shot like a car driving down a winding road. As if you are looking out the front window. And the roads curves and turns. The video was sped up quite a bit. So, that’s fun. I need to do that. Trouble is…I live in Oklahoma–where the roads are straight. I mean–straight. You have to go a long way to find a curving road. So, next time I’m on winding roads (and I have access to a driver so I can film), then I’ll get that shot.

I shot some water fountains this weekend. I only had my point and shoot still camera-on video setting, so a 640×480 avi is the best I could come up with. Is that usable? I didn’t have my big camera with me. It’s not like I have to film everything HD. So, we’ll see if this is work-able.

It’s amazing that so much is going on at the same time. Usually…in my creative life, things are front burner and back burner. I almost always have a high priority project going, and then some fill in project in the background.

Now, for about a month if not a little longer….everything is happening. All facets of my creative life have active things going, AND I’m able to keep up? And out put work? It’s amazing when  streak like that happens. It won’t sustain. I know there are ups and downs to creativity, and goodness knows I’m a moody, temperamental artist, so you know the good times won’t last. (But I make an effort to enjoy them while they do.) In fact, in reviewing this blog, the mood of the blog seems to have a sense of wonder and amazement. But, that’s not my personality–at all. I have a wide emotional spectrum…I suspect that all artists do.

Finally..a neat landscape shot that I got this weekend:

SANY2544 med ir cr

  1. #1 by mississippimixing on July 4, 2013 - 7:52 pm

    I just bought that very same Honey Tone amp last month and have played it like crazy! I hope enjoy yours as much I do mine.

    • #2 by livingforcreativity on July 4, 2013 - 11:23 pm

      Oh wow, how cool! To tell the truth, I took it out of the box and photographed it, but have not yet plugged anything in. Day job much too crazy. But, maybe this weekend??? Thanks for telling me it works! I sooo had my fingers crossed.

      What instrument(s) did you play on it?

      • #3 by mississippimixing on July 4, 2013 - 11:34 pm

        I have used an old, cheap guitar that I have been trying to learn on. I can get a pretty nice Kinks-like sound out of it.

      • #4 by livingforcreativity on July 4, 2013 - 11:43 pm

        Cool! In the store, they had it on a mountain dulcimer, and it sounded good. I keep wanting to try my banjo and see if it’ll amp a banjo??

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