Song: Why Do You Love Me

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Why Do You Love Me

Oh…this song blows me away. I’ve been sitting on it for six weeks, wanting to release it, so the world (and my friends) can hear it. That outro…the power…the passion. Sometimes, in studio, you capture more than is there. I call it synergy of music. This song has that mystical synergy. It captures you…it takes  you somewhere. I get lost in it.

I set up the video weeks ago. At first, I wanted two candle holders for single taper candles, different heights. I wanted a single red rose, in a bud vase. Well, I didn’t have those things. I had tea candles. I had the tiny squat candle holders. I had my rose bushes blooming outside.

So, you can either go acquire the things to make your vision like you wanted it, or you can use what you have. I used what I had. I wanted the candle flames to reflect in the glass, so they did. I put on  a small fan, to get some wavery light. At first I set up on a small table, but ended up putting my backing fabric on the floor. I didn’t want the candles on the floor, so I put them on microcassette boxes, then needed to cover them up, hence the brown yarn, (remnant I had just used to crochet a scarf). Then you go get the fire extinguisher and stand there for the duration of the video shoot.

I ended up turning the squat candle holder upside down, and the vase for the roses…it’s a salt shaker.

In movie making, I use the term: BAMN. It stands for By Any Means Necessary. In other words, do what you need to do. Don’t be embarrassed by anything you have to do, to get the shot. I have a cheap tripod, and I’m embarrassed for anyone to see me use it. But, it gets the job done. If you have to crumple tinfoil to bounce light off of, and you aim a flashlight at that tinfoil…if it gets the job done–so be it!

Ah…the suffering we go thru for our art!

But, back to the song. I love this song. This is the reason I am alive. I need to bring music to the world. I’ve known since I was born that I was to do this. It’s taken a long road to get here. (But the music and the singing are so much richer for the life experiences acquired along the way.)  Now, I need to figure out how to get the whole world aware of this music. That’s an uphill battle. It’s a long haul. But, I WILL make it happen. It’s my destiny.



  1. #1 by Jackie on July 13, 2013 - 12:33 am

    This song is really good! You have a beautiful voice. I know the photo is not what you wanted but I think it works. I hope you get what you are seeking. 🙂

    • #2 by livingforcreativity on July 13, 2013 - 1:23 am

      Oh thank you for such kind words. It’s amazing meeting wonderful, creative people online. I looked at your photos. Amazing. You are quite talented.

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