Photos: Oklahoma skies

Western Sky1

Western sky2

Northern Sky

Incredible sky photos. I had groceries in the car, but had to drive on out of town (to a point to get away from the power lines), and shot a few pics.

If you tried to paint those skies, no one would believe you! ha!


My top priority this week is guitar work and more guitar work. I’m very proud of the songs and music we’ve done so far, but it’s time to step it up, in terms of arrangements, instrumentation, lead lines and fills, etc. I have it in me. But something about this whole recording process (once you finish, it’s there for posterity-every mistake visible)–that kind of responsibility is daunting.  Therefore…I tend to dial it back–to find a middle of the road.

Well, middle of the road-don’t fly. If you’re not out there, riding that wave of music, as it crests, and you find that your music (and creative work) touches people in ways you don’t even realize–forget it. Full steam ahead. Full bore. Full court press.

Go For It! Don’t hold back. Push that music (and yourself and your talent) to the very edge.

If you fall, so what? Pick yourself up (there are people along the way who will catch you when you fall), dust yourself off, and try again.

Failing is not the worst thing that can happen in life.

The worst thing that can happen is: not living in the first place.  Not trying.

So, my top priority in all of my free time this week is: guitar work. Instrumentation. Arrangement. Lead Lines. Fills. We’ll see how far I get.

I discovered something completely new to explore. Alternative tunings for guitar. I kept trying to figure out the lick to “Hard time killing floor blues” (From O Brother soundtrack). Today I looked up the tab. It’s in an alternative tuning.

To play bottleneck slide guitar: alternative guitar tuning. One thing I found online said that: Yes, alternative tunings do have a learning curve–but it is about a week long learning curve, as opposed to the years it takes to learn the guitar in the first place.

So, we’ll see. Any help or suggestions????


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