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If you’ve ever been in love, then you know what this song means.


The original artwork used for the thumbnail here and on the youtube link is used with permission

by artist Karen Ball.


Gee…so what else is going on here? Mostly I’m feeling completely overwhelmed. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. I’m able to execute this much work, but I should probably slow things down and breathe…and savor…and take a reality check. But I seem to be functioning taking on this much and executing this much, and ‘slow down’ doesn’t seem to be part of my vocabulary. I push myself till I collapse, then I sleep one night, and get up and start all over again. Hard work never killed anybody, right? (or so they say? LOL). I hope drive and ambition are the same way.

To produce music; to be a record producer; to be a recording singer/songwriter…there are literally thousands of decisions that must be made, for each track. The permutations of settings are endless. The choices of instrumentation, dynamics, singing choices…it’s daunting. The computer settings: totally over my head. To be faced with that amount of choices, it almost makes you feel like you are facing a huge wall where there is no way to barrel through. So, you make some of these choices. Sometimes you feel like you are on solid footing (the piano goes this way, the bass goes that way, we add a guitar fill here, the lead goes like this), and sometimes you are so in the dark, you feel like you are flying blind. So, you put it all together, and hope you come out on the other end with a great song.

Then in other creative endeavors, I put together some notes for my writing partner for a new screenplay, so that’ll be coming up down the pike.

We have 3 video projects in works: live action music video; film highways and countryside for music video; pilot for our web series.

All of those involve other people, and two of them are live action shots with other people. So coordinating schedules (right now), is challenging. Since I do my day job during the day, I do most of my creative work at night. Funny…but no one seems to want to get out of bed and shoot video at 4 am! ha. Imagine that!

Oh well, it happens when it happens.

Oh yes…on Destiny…

My goal is to expand my musical horizons. I need to include more “different” stuff, and push the boundaries and push myself.

On Destiny, I played piano; played rhythm guitar (very hard to do on this track, I had written it in Fm, so I worked out the capoed guitar part in Fm. Went to record that track, and discovered I had re-pitched the song to Gm. So, had to figure out the guitar part all over again. I’m such a doofus! Argh!); played the guitar fill on guitar. The lead guitar part is MIDI, but I played that on keyboard, so that counts, right? Then I sang it.

No rest for the weary.  🙂

At least we’re not flying this path completely alone. The recording engineer is amazing, and creates such an open, warm environment, in which to work. Makes all the difference in the world.

That’s what makes all this work worth it. Making those connections with people. Meeting people. Sharing music. Music is the great unifier. Even if we speak different languages, the language of music can connect us all.

_That’s_ why I do this.


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