Shooting a music video

Okay…so I’ve had a project in mind for a few months. But, dammit…trying to coordinate schedules is dang near impossible. Then, when you factor in weather…it’s nigh on impossible.

So…it took a bit of doing, but the other day, we went out and shot a live action music video. Again, this is basic video. I want to say easy video, but nothing about this is easy. When you start coordinating people and places and events, it gets complicated. And I work full time, and there is sooo much going on, music recording, playwrighting, photography, etc….where do you draw the line? How do you divide up the pie?

But…after weeks of trying, we went out and shot video.  Hallelujah!!! Finally! YES!!! We actually accomplished something on a video production of our own. We’ve done projects in the past, and I have blogged about acting jobs I’ve done in the recent past, but our movie bidness has been soooo back burner. I ache from wanting to do more, but…you do as much as you can do, right? And you gotta start somewhere.

My business partner in the movie biz, as well as my bandmate in the Ballroom Bruisers, is Don.

IMG_0400 med ir

Don…meet everybody. Everybody…meet Don.

I call Don my creative soulmate. We think alike when it comes to making art.

So, for this music video, we recorded the song some years back. I wanted a cute video, to illustrate the meaning of the song. So, I wanted to shoot highways, curves and scenes out the door as the scenery rushes by.

I didn’t want people specifically in the video, but wanted edges of people…like this:

IMG_0402 med ir

And I wanted a cute “couple” shot…like this:

IMG_0403 med ir

I had several things in mind…like boots walking by, or walking up the steps. And shooting video inside a moving car, is very difficult. Computing angles and spaces, and trying to stabilize the image. Coordinating shots and making sure you have enough time, and not getting unwanted images in the shot.

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to go shoot. We were out two hours, and got some interesting shots. But, the proof is in the final cut, so that’s what’s coming up. I’ll get back to you in a few days with…either a finished video…or plans to go out and reshoot, in case this current video isn’t good enough.


In other accomplishments:

I started a Flickr account. Nice to have my photography in one place.

I submitted a play to a theatre in Chicago. I wrote a short play and submitted to a theatre in New York. So, that makes 4 play submissions out under consideration.

Last week, I sent my latest music mastered track to a movie production in Nashville.

So, at least some submissions are getting made.

But…and I didn’t know it was “active”, but playwriting was in me this week. I didn’t have to work up to it. Didn’t have to turn it “on”, but it was there. it kinda surprises me when that happens. I’m not every creative thing all the time. Shifting between the places in the brain that do each activity takes major effort. But somedays, you are a writer, or you are a singer, or whatever. When I was beginning in writing, one of the rules is: write every day. I struggled with that for years. Then I decided: I’m not a writer every day. Letting myself off of that hook sure helped.

But, I have been a playwright this week, and whoo-hoo, that was working. I wrote a whole new short play and pulled out the most ambitious writing project we have ever or could ever undertake; a play called Assumptions. It is the hardest thing I have ever written. I have no idea if we can pull this off or not. But I had 16 pages of setup written, and got 30 pages written this week–without even thinking about it in active parts of the brain. This project has been in works for 4 years, so it’s always in the back of the brain, percolating…but I had no idea it was currently there. So,…if, and it’s a big IF, we can get that one pulled out. Wow! Huge load off of my shoulders, if that project gets accomplished.

So…wish me luck editing this video together. As hard as the shooting is (you have to concentrate like nobody’s business), editing is rather fun. I’m making myself use Sony Vegas. I need to get used to it. it’s top notch software, but I seem to keep using my Adobe that I’m familiar with.

Fingers crossed! Wish me luck! (I’m sure gonna need it!) 🙂


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