Mud Dog Hill

IMG_0402 med ir

The premiere of our new music video:

Mud Dog Hill


Ballroom Bruisers.

Don and I went out and shot the video last weekend, so I’ve worked this week to try to get it edited. I made myself work in Sony Vegas, which is top notch software, and I keep *not* working in it, because I know the features of the Adobe better. But, I need to make myself learn Vegas, so…once In it, I love it! Great software. And my music  production studies have come in handy, as many of the features of the video software and music software are the same.

This song makes your toe tap. It makes me smile. The video makes me grin all over. I have had this video in mind for months, and I just agonize that there hasn’t been enough time to shoot it. But, finally, we got it done. Don and I will enter this in film festivals, etc. It’s a stepping stone into our next project(s): a web series called Dewey. (I have no idea how we’ll find time to manage to do that, but….somehow, someday, we’ll get-er-done.)

The song is pretty cool. This was actually my first time in a big, real studio. So, it was recorded a few years back. I went in prepared, but still, you leave room for those special moments that crop up, and you have enough wiggle room to “go with it”. At one point, when I was in the vocal booth, the lead engineer looked at Don and said, “She knows exactly what she wants.” i took that as a compliment. I hoped my whole life that I’d be a singer. i hoped all my life to have a good recorded music track. This is the first professional track I’d done, and it came out better than I ever dreamed. I had hoped, that in my professional music career, I’d have at least one track this amazing in terms of quality. Well…we got it the first time out of the gate, and from there, it was onward and upward.

We started off at a higher echelon of quality than I figured I’d ever achieve, by the end of my music career.

But, that’s secondary. The song “hooks” you. It makes you feel good.

Where in the world has the “feel good” vibe gone? Goodness knows no one makes feel good movies anymore. How many feel good songs have you heard lately?

It’s been a couple of years since we produced a video project of our own. On occasion, I take an acting job for another production.

But…if we can just work “our” video projects into the queue….

1 down. 97 to go!

[!Oh…I almost forgot. The thumbnail above…that’s a joke! When Don and I got cast for the first big acting job..not our company, but for another production…it was called “Man with a Moustache“. So, their lead character had a moustache. Don has a moustache. So, they didn’t film Don’s face. When they edited it, they only showed the back of his head.

He got cast as a cop on another production. They didn’t want to get the logo of the uniform in the shot. So, they shot him from the back.

Then, a couple years ago…people actually called us to cast him for an acting gig. It’s not like we submitted for the job. They called him (whew–that’s an amazing feeling when they come looking for us)…and when they filmed it, they shot him… from the back. LOLOLOL]

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