Preproduction means a lot of phone calls

So, I have all these projects in my head, right? And the hard part is finding the energy to execute them.

Sometimes, a situation comes along, and you jump in, feet first, and kinda figure out all the rest later.

So, boom! Let’s dive off a cliff and find out where we’re going to land.

I’ve been wanting to shoot a live action music video for one of our songs. The song is recorded. And the video work I’ve done in the past year (stills and static shots without actors) has been fun, and interesting….but I want to kick things to the next level. I’ve dealt with crowds and directed (and coordinated) people before. So, that’s not new. But, still it’s a bit of a novelty.

An opportunity opened up this past Saturday for us to shoot a video this coming weekend. Yep, one whole week to prepare. That’s Not A Lot Of Time!

But…can we do it? i went out to my partner’s place Saturday night and we had a production meeting for a couple of hours. I’ve actually been planning this shoot for 3 months and figuring out what I want the actors to do, etc.

But, we seem to be making 4 to 6 phone calls a day, updating each other on personnel changes, technical specs, ideas, and everything else under the sun…it takes, when you are decision-making. In other words: producing. The producer of a video projects is responsible for every aspect of production.

So, we went out to the venue tonight and shot test video. The building is bigger than I remembered, and the lighting is in much better shape.

A couple years ago, for my birthday, my Dad got me a lighting rig. How cool is that? I announce that I had decided that I wanted to direct movies, and my Dad buys me a piece of equipment!

Still makes me smile all over. So…with our moviemaking being sooo back burner, I haven’t used the lighting rig yet. (I have filmed quite a bit since then, but most of it is in natural light.)

So it’s in the pickup right now, ready to go.

During the next 3 days, I need to make decisions on what camera settings to use, to best utilize the available space and light. I have 2 pages of hand written notes, if not more, on things to shoot and camera angles  (why, oh why didn’t I take trig? Who knew that’d be a skill I needed down the road?)

Anyway, my head is spinning, but…I LOVE THIS! It’s so amazing when you run into people and tell them what you are doing, and they think it’s cool. (I’m much more used to the opposite reaction, when you tell someone what you do in your creative world, and it’s like you are speaking a foreign language. Or they just stare at you as if you’re nuts.)

Yes…we’re nuts.

If that means we take chances and put ourselves out there, and live life on that edge–that’s where I want to be. Who cares about staying home and living in some pseudo-safe-net, afraid to go out and do what you dream of doing.

We’re out there…….doing

Right or wrong…it ain’t boring, that’s for sure.

So…wish me luck!

Drat…that’s not right.

Tell us to “break a leg”

Will post more updates as this production moves forward.


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