The One Minute Play ?

Up at 4:30 (am – Yikes!)  and received an email calling for play submissions. So, that whetted the appetite. I looked at other submission opportunities. I usually do that once a month, but it’s only been two weeks since I submitted last time.

So, what opportunity do I find, but a 1 minute play festival. Yes, there is such a thing. I have had a monologue in mind for a couple of weeks. It was longer than 1 minute. But, it could be adapted to 1 minute (2 page maximum). So, I wrote it. And got the submission together. Then went ahead and made some other play submissions just for the fun of it.

But, a 1 minute play. Words are powerful. If you only have 2 pages to work with (mine was a page and a half), you must choose your words judiciously.

Now, it’s done. It exists. It’s submitted. I wonder what other opportunities might be out there for a 1 minute play. The thing is…playwrighting is so varied, so amazing, there is room for everything. The theatre is a microcosm for society.

Other work this week:

Lining up and getting things in order to produce the music video. Live action. With real actors; dancers; extras. This is a lot of phone calls and a lot of work.

Co-writer and I are finalizing a screenplay.

Co-writer bounced the stageplay back to me, for my next level of work on the draft. I haven’t actively worked on it, but it’s bouncing around in the back of the brain.

And like an idiot…I book a session at the recording studio. I was NOT planning that, but the schedule worked out with my day job schedule, and the urge to make music is gnawing at me. So…now I have 2 weeks to pull together plans for recording (pick a project or two; do arrangements in my head; pre-record instrumentation to take with me; plan what instruments to take to record there). And of course…every song I want to do is more ambitious than I have the time for right now.

And that’s just this week.  (not to mention grocery buying, bill paying, laundry, work on automobile, volunteer work with our local Chamber of Commerce, check on sick friends, etc)

So, it’s 7:30 am now. I’ve been hard at work for 3 hours with playwrighting and submissions (For as much time as a project takes to create–dream up, write, record, execute, or whatever– you will spend an equal amount of time on the “sales” of that project. Submissions take up time, and there’s no way around it.)

Next is a full day at the day job…then this evening a production meeting with my movie partner, to finalize plans for our video shoot this weekend.

Then collapse in bed, and get a few hours sleep and tomorrow…it starts all over again.

So…um…someone tell me again–what’s the definition of ambition?


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