Director! Craft services. Producer. Dancer. Casting. Cinematographer.

Today we wore a lot of hats.

So…the back story: we have had this music video we want to produce, to promote one of our songs. I’ve been dreaming up this video for perhaps three months. Then three weeks ago…Joe Baker of Joe B’s in Caldwell, Kansas, graciously allowed us to shoot a music video in his place of business.

So, two weeks ago, we decided to shoot background, coverage, dancers, etc. And NO ONE showed up! Them thar’s the breaks–especially in the movie bidness.

But, then I’m worried: when we get the principals in on the 2nd shooting day, will we have enough people/footage/coverage to shoot? Will people actually show up? Can we pull this off?

Well, the answer to that question is: YES! We damn well pulled it off, and had such a blast doing it.

So, you go  from two weeks ago down in the dumps, to today…which was probably the most fun I’ve had on a filming set. Total 180*. And let me tell ya…it’s more fun on this side.

For starters, the thing that makes the most difference is the people you work with.

We had the best group of actors you could ever want to work with.

The companySee…look how much fun we’re having. We laughed all through the shoot. I love it when people are fun and easy-going and have a good time and are easy to get along with!

Then our leads:

Nikki and DonThis is the lead actress from Oklahoma City, and Don Krejsek who serves as lead actor, assistant director and co-producer.

We started in the middle of the afternoon, which is bad for lighting, but you gotta go with what works. And I didn’t want people to be having to drive home late in the dark. So, we filmed out on the sidewalk, and of course, there are cars and trucks going by, and making noise.

Evidentally some men on horseback went by too, but i never saw them. When I’m directing, and soooo focused, an alien ship could land next door and I wouldn’t notice. So, everyone else saw the horses but me.

So, we shoot footage with dialog, then we did a lot of dancing scenes, and cut funny cut-in scenes. Then the ending scene was a riot, but I’ll save that for the actual video and not give a spoiler now.

So, people, most of whom were meeting for the first time, today, kept talking about “riding horseback”. i thought they were joking. But, when we called “It’s a wrap”, people headed out the back door, and actually went horseback riding! Not planned. Not part of the shooting day.  I mean…how often do you go to a movie shoot, and finish shooting for the day and get to ride horses?

Now…that’s when I should have had the camera going! Talk about fun.

But we made a lot of new friends, and people with whom I’d be honored to work again in the future.

Next up: process and evaluate the video footage, and cut the music video. Then I’ll post it online, and I’ll notify you all when it’s ready.

Now, that it’s over, I came home and just about melted in my easy chair. To go from total failure on this project two weeks ago, to today, when it worked! It WORKED! Wow!



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