So…when exactly did we become playwrights?

I just received notification.

A short play I wrote, has been selected to be performed.

OMG…I am so over the moon! To date, we’ve had one play performed, so this makes two!

It will be at the Spokane Stage Left Theatre as part of their Fast and Furious selection, January 31 – February 1, 2014.

I am so thrilled and excited and honored to be chosen.

Playwrighting is something we’ve come to, late in this creative journey. I didn’t dream all those years of being a playwright. I didn’t know this was on the horizon.

When you’ve worked for DECADES for something, and achieved success (even the tiniest glimmer of success)…it’s wonderful.

But…and I didn’t know this…till the last year…when you come into something, something like playwrighting, and you haven’t spent your entire life honing it, agonizing it, nurturing it, giving up pieces of your life to further its goal….

It’s amazing to just bask in the accomplishment–of something that wasn’t a piece of agony for your whole life.

If anything, there is a bit more joy, because playwrighting didn’t have that low point. It’s just been there.

I think we completed our first play in 2010 after working on it for a couple of years. Then I had a period of time, without doing much pitching or submissions on that one. But, then this time last year, my co-writer and I wrote another play and it was the one that got chosen and was performed earlier this year. So…that lit the fuse. We started writing plays. I think we’re up to seven completed plays now (some solo written and some co-written.) And we are working on the BIG one…I think it’s on the third draft, so it’s coming along.

Along with the creativity, comes the pitch and the promotion. I haven’t been able to pitch songs like I have been in the past. Something has held me back (maybe I’m supposed to save my good songs to record myself??), but pitching photos and poems and essays and…plays…has been easy. So…if the universe makes it easy, then that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. So, of the seven plays, I have made maybe 40 pitches in the last year. It takes time, just like everything else. You have to see who is accepting plays and put your proposal together, and make sure your work fits their criteria.

Breaking into playwrighting is hard, but then again, so is everything else!

If you don’t try…then why even bother to get out of bed, each day? I’d rather try and fail, than be afraid to try anything at all.  As a matter of fact, about 2 hours before I was notified about the Spokane theatre, I received a rejection letter from an Indiana theatre, and even getting that…I was happy. Yes, it’s a rejection letter. We didn’t get picked there. But…just getting the letter means that you’re in the ball game. You tried. You made the effort.

So, to have tried…and succeeded? I’m still shaking my head in disbelief.

Thank you, thank you…Spokane Stage Left, for chosing my play. It is such an honor to be chosen.

Thank you for all that you do, to promote the arts!

Amanda Ball



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