The theatre…and decisions

I’ve been actively pitching plays to theatre associations and theatre troupes for several months now.

We got a call yesterday. One of the Oklahoma theatre troupes is going to put on one of our plays. We wrote a comedy, something far beyond the vein of anything we’ve done before. And I can’t wait to see this one. When we did the read thru, I read each character, in character, and we laughed and laughed.

So…to SEE this one performed..I can’t wait.

It’s an amazing honor to be chosen. What blew me away: they offered me a chance to direct it. Even before we pitched this play, I had said, “I soooo want to direct this!”

So, that is a dream. What an honor.

But the thing is: and I agonized over this yesterday:…I turned it down. I turned down the offer to direct. Our play still gets performed.

But, I had to make a choice, and to make an intellectual decision. I called my partner both before the decision was made and after, and hashed through it. As she said, “Only you can decide if you can do this.” It’s  not directing that’s hard (although…yes it is very hard and challenging.) The hard part is doing the directing, and putting enough time and effort into it to do a good job…and still do everything else in my life. Just dealing with real life issues for the next two months is challenging enough, without this added responsibility.

And for my creative life, I have so many things going–things I’d hate to lose the momentum on. If I said yes to this undertaking…then my only creative accomplishment for the next two months would be directing. Everything else would go on hold. And I CAN’T lose the time.

We have sooo much going right now. My plate is as full as it’s ever been. I cannot figure out how to work one more thing into the mix. And that’s the literal truth.

So, I made a decision and as I told my partner, “a decision I’ll probably regret for the rest of my life”, but I turned it down.

Am I at peace with this decision? Not yet. I know it’s right, for me at this time. But still…to have had this opportunity. How do you spell regret?

So…I need to focus on current projects:

*writing on LD (screenplay)–which is coming along, and the re-write is much, much more difficult than I ever dreamed. Usually on a project, I know what needs to be done. But this one…you tweak and think about it for days, then rewrite, then think, then adjust…yeah…it’s daunting

*writing on Assumptions – I put a big fight scene at the end of Act I. Does it work? Is it strong enough?

*finalizing co-writing on a short play monologue. It’s almost done, but for my day job and lack of energy. So, that’ll be done in a few days

*working on MIDI in my home studio

*Need to record piano work for a libretto. I’ll do this in my own studio.

*I’m gearing up to get back to the big studio. 2 things holding me up. Need to work on guitar issues (same old story for the last 2 years, but I am working on it. The Strat sits here next to my easy chair.) And the weather. I don’t make a lot of out of town appointments in wintertime. Who knows when a storm will come up? And it’s not worth being out on the wintertime bad roads.

[ In fact, there’s a major motion picture being filmed in OKC right now, and I haven’t submitted myself for it. There’s too much risk. Ice, snow, whatnot. I can’t commit to a job, then not be able to actually ‘get there’. Moral of that story: don’t film a major motion picture in Oklahoma in the middle of winter.! LOL]

So…yes…things happening here. We have a short film in pre-pre-pre production. I wrote on a romance novel this week. So, even with wintertime, the writing seems to be percolating!

So…yeah. What dreams of yours have landed in your lap and you’ve had to turn them down?


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