These are sunset photos, taken the same night, at virtually the same time, but aiming different directions. I would have loved to have made a 360* view panorama.

West Northeast

These are soft and a little out of focus, which isn’t my usual style. But, it captures a mood.

In other works: I’ve been nose-to-the-grindstone, with writing. So, that makes for a lot of “busy”, but not a lot to chat here about. I’m working to finalize 2 screenplays, & 1 full length stage play. Working on preproduction for webisodes that we are planning for our web series. Recorded piano backing tracks for an upcoming play performance. I’ve written, co-written and submitted a few short plays to play festivals. I think I wrote a new play last weekend, and a new play the weekend before. I’ve been driving myself sooo hard, I can’t remember the last time I actually went out and had fun. (Part of that is to blame on the weather–when it’s cold, dark and icy, who wants to go out?). But, while I’m sure I’ll work creativity this weekend, but I’m gonna try to NOT work on a new play. Last Saturday, I conceived of a play idea (on the day) and out put it, went back and forth with my writing partner, and finally submitted it by 6 pm (the deadline was that day, so it was an all or nothing proposition). When I was done, I was shaking. I had pushed so much of myself into that project, I had nothing left.  I had expended every unit of energy I had.  I went to bed, and stayed in bed for 15 hours. That doesn’t mean all sleep. I took my computer and watched some videos part of the time. But I was horizontal.

So…yeah. I need to get out and have fun. Need to feed the soul, after a long, dark cold winter.

What do you all do to “recharge”?


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  1. #1 by A Pondering Mind on February 22, 2014 - 12:36 pm

    Plenty of black coffee, and power naps…

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