“Young and Beautiful”

I got an email.

A play of mine, “Young and Beautiful” will be performed in Seattle, WA, March 19.

To say that I am blown away, is an understatement. This is the 4th play that I’ve written/co-written to be chosen to be performed. I’ve only been at the playwrighting thing a little over a year.  And it’s happening?

I’m shaking my head in disbelief. I’m happy and thrilled, but of all the stuff I do, this is the thing taking off like a rocket ship? Playwrighting? I enoy it. It’s been a top priority for the last year. But, I didn’t see this one coming: playwrighting, I mean.

We wrote our first play, a musical, perhaps 4 years ago, on a whim. We saw a call for entries, and thought, “Hey, we can do that!” So, we did. But, it’s a tough one to produce, so ? ? ?

I’m still pitching that one, but when you do a project and it goes nowhere, are you really on the right path? So, then November a year ago, we saw a call for entries, for a 10 minute play. Why not write one and give it a shot? Yeah….our 2nd attempt….it got chosen. My writing partner was rather sick at the time, and I was beginning to wonder if we’d get the project done under deadline, and we submitted it with perhaps a day to spare (but we worked that project–believe me, we worked it and worked it, to perfect the writing.) Then it got chosen and performed in March of 2013. So…gee this is fun. What else is out there? So, I start writing solo plays and we start co-writing more plays.

The BIG one…is a full length, and we’d been working on it for 4 years. Somewhere last summer/fall, it had bounced around in my head enough, and it was time to start typing. So…THAT one is happening. But, in the meantime,  we can write little plays, right?


I’m trying to “make it” in many fields in showbusiness. Making it in one field is quasi-impossible. But I seem to think I’ve had this calling, and I’m supposed to do all this. This is the purpose of my life.

Even when outside forces affect you to an extreme, and it seems like it’s insane to do all this and try all this…I still believe this is my purpose in life. I have bipolar tendencies. Perhaps all creative people do. Let’s just say that an even keel isn’t really part of my repertoire. I bounce from one extreme to the other.

But, it all comes down to the definition of “making it”.

But, how do you define “making it”? I look at these acceptances on plays, as rungs on a ladder. At this level, it’s prestige only. There’s no money involved. But…having had 4 plays chosen…that means…”yeah, this chick can write!” So…maybe these rungs on the ladder get us to a higher plane.

It’s no secret. As a playwright, I want to make it to Broadway. Actually, I think as a playwright, I write something in every project, for me to act in. So, yeah, if you’re gonna dream, dream big. My writing partner keeps asking me about things related to limitations. (Is this too long? Not enough characters? Too simple? Too complex?) I keep saying, “Of all the stuff we do, the theatre has the fewest restrictions. It’s the most open and so much is happening in theatre right now.”

When I first started this creative life, my first goal was to write songs, for other artists to sing. I couldn’t sing at the time. Oh, I sang, but not well. Then you think, “I want to write a book.” So, you write, and fail and adjust and write. Then came filmmaking/acting. Now, playwrighting.


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