Slingshot Series, downSTAGEright, Seattle, WA, March 19

Here is your invitation to the Slingshot Series, from downSTAGEright, in Seattle, Washington, for March 19, 2014.

It starts at 7:30. My play, “Young and Beautiful” will be performed @ Studio 140 at the Inscape Arts Center (815 S Seattle Blvd, SODO Neighborhood)

I soooo wish I could be there! If anyone is able to go, I’d love to hear about it/see your pics, etc.

When I told  a friend that playwrighting was “taking off”, and I told him how many locations had chosen my plays to be performed, he said, “I guess you’ll be buying a lot of plane tickets!”

How cool is that?

THANK YOU!!! to the talented producers, actors and staff at downSTAGEright, for this amazing opportunity!


In other work…gee…what’s going on? My writing partner and I are about to finalize a screenplay. Then we will finalize a full length stageplay. Solo-writing, I’m about to finalize a screenplay. So, when winter time happens, and my creativity slows down, somehow…this time, the writing kept going. I try to play the piano or play the guitar, and nada. It’s asleep. Acting or performing, or creative things where you go out and use your body…it’s not working at all. But…and this is new territory…the writing never went into hybernation. All winter long…it kept percolating. (When I get rich and famous…and WHEN I no longer have to have a day job, I want to try going to a warm environment for the month of January, and see if the creativity still shuts down. I don’t know if it’s a product of wintertime, regardless…or if it’s related to the cold weather.)

Music is my first love. I started this creative life based on music.

The lastest EGOT winner: His profession: He’s a songwriter. I am thrilled for him. I’m thrilled for anyone who achieves their creative goals. But part of that makes me feel like a failure. I haven’t made music happen yet.

So…for music to be the thing that hasn’t taken off yet, it bothers me. Gee…what can I do about this problem? Well, playwrighting is working, right? I started a dark comedy, stageplay…musical. I had one song in my catalog that works for this project (unpublished and unheard by anyone else.) I’ve been dabbling with composing on 3 more songs. I’ll aim for 8 to 10 songs for this project. So…if that’s what it takes to get the music heard…okay.

The play that will be performed late this month (not the Seattle event, but the next event), has an original song in it. One of the characters breaks into song.

So, I bid you a happy spring (depending on your location…if you’re in Australia…happy autumn!). May all your creative dreams come true!


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