You’re invited…

to the Judith Karman Hospice Short Play Festival in Stillwater, OK on March 29 and March 30.

Shorts_Festival sm ir

Tickets are $12 and go to a good cause.

Our play, A Dummy’s Lament, which is a musical comedy, will be performed!

We are thrilled and excited. The initial play idea and execution came from my writing partner, and the original song and musical cues, came from me.


Playwrighting has really taken off, and this is thrilling. I made the semi-finals for another play festival, and received notification yesterday that I didn’t make the final cut, but still…it’s so fun to have gotten that far.

I had a play “Young and Beautiful” scheduled for a reading this past Wednesday in Seattle. I was a nervous wreck all day. By evening, I was a blithering idiot. Who knew that this, THIS would be the thing that makes me nervous? I was a basket case–upset stomach, and the whole works.

It’s funny. I can go and perform, whether singing or dancing or acting or comedy or emceeing, or whatever, and those things don’t bother me. At all! Give me a microphone and an audience and I’m home. Since that’s 180* opposite of most people (people seem to fear public speaking more than they fear death???), I’m really out of my realm of comfort zone, and my interpretation of what’s normal. I didn’t perform in that Seattle play, nor direct it, nor cast it. I only wrote it. I wasn’t in the audience that night. But, still, from so far away, and on the day and at the time, I was a nervous wreck.

The only comparable emotional thing I’ve been thru is playing the music at weddings. I HATE weddings. I think I’ve played 7, and I said “No more!” Actually I think I said “No more” after 5, but I got conned into 2 more. Weddings and wedding music make me soooo nervous.

Evidently, being a playwright will affect me that way too. Who knew?

This whole creative journey takes you to places you didn’t know existed.

When I told my co-writer how nervous I was, she said, “Then we won’t do this.” –meaning playwrighting. Meaning–it’s not worth the toll it takes.

I thought about that for 4 hours. It is TOTALLY worth the toll. So, what, if I’m sick and upset on the day? This is still super cool to do, and to have happening!

I’m rather disappointed in myself that the music aspect of the creativity hasn’t taken off yet. (I want a couple more completed master tracks before I kick music promotion to the next level.) But still..I’ve been at this for years, and it just kinda lays there.

So, if playwrighting is working, and I have the abilities as a composer…then why not combine the two? I took an idea I had bouncing around in my head, and will adapt it to the stage, and I started thinking about the music. I had one song, in my catalog, that fits the theme. I have ideas for 3 more songs, for that project. So….a Broadway calibre musical comedy is on deck.


I want for my work to go large. Things have happened, and things are happening, but the big break hasn’t happened yet. Those times when everything seems dark (the past three months of winter), and you can’t see or feel any signs…what do you do? I just keep going. When you can feel that you’re on the right path…that’s when it’s easy to keep going. It’s when you can’t feel, when you are so completely alone, that’s when it’s so difficult to keep going.


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