Snow on daffodils

It’s the middle of April.

SANY3669 me ir

Okay…you  don’t see that every day. We always seem to have a late show/ice storm. I hope this one is it-the finale–the last one!

Not much creativity to chatter about. I worked on a recording, and got my recording studio software really hodged up. Haven’t had the strength/internal fortitude to go work on it. I have about six options in my head, to try…when I can get in there.

Worked on a video project. Any form of work with the software is not wasted effort.

In the back of my mind, I’ve been working on a proposal/pitch. So…getting the ‘sales’ thing in mind takes up space and time, but doesn’t really amount to much in the “I can talk about a finished project” – category.

Mostly…things are flat. Dabs of my creativity are awake after the long winter’s nap, but…mostly it’s just…flat. There hasn’t been that big “rush” of “I can accomplish anything!” yet. So…right now I’m in existence mode–one foot after the other…waiting until it all decides to ‘function’ again.

How is your creative life?

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