SANY3778 med ir

SANY3781 med ir

The pictures are pretty, but not as sweet as the smell of fresh, springtime honeysuckle!

I haven’t done much blogging as of late, but I did manage to snap these photos on the way to my day job one day.

Our big creative project will take some time, and I’m being intentionally cryptic. I have refered to it as “Project D”, and we filmed on it this morning.

This particular version of the project has been in works for 2 months, and as with anything, it begins as one thing, and morphs into another. But, I’m liking the “after” version, better than the “before”. LOL I guess that’s a good thing. As you think and plan, it’s like pieces of a big, giant puzzle fitting together, and when it’s done (we’re a long way from there), then it fits together pretty seamlessly.

But, this video project is rather ambitious. For starters, I have a finite length for the video, so we have to work within those parameters. So, when you have unlimited time, that’s one thing. To say what you need to say, and get your point across; to reach out and touch an audience; to find that “hook”; to entertain…those are some pretty big goals, for a short duration, finite length video.

In addition…as if I’m not taking on enough with this project, I will have three different video feeds…and by that…three different video encodings (from three different cameras, hand held .avi (SD); tripod 8 mm (SD); and our good cameras, the Canon HV20s working in HD) to incorporate. Each will look different. I’ve never done one like that before, and it’s always so obvious when someone else a mixed media project.. So, I’ve got to figure out how to “utilize” the different-ness and make it work for us.

I’ve been up working since 5:30 am, trying to get ready for today’s shoot. I did have some big setups planned. We did none of them. This week, I thought up some small setups, so we did those. In fact, the one that came off the cutest, I only thought of last night. And it ended up being the easiest thing we did today. You just never know.

There are always so many factors you can’t control. Today was traffic noise and airplanes. There is an Air Force training base nearby, and I love the planes. I love seeing them. But…when you’re trying to film, and planes are droning over head? Oh well…you adapt and move forward and do whatever it takes to get the shot. Guerilla filmmaking at its finest!

When I’m done with the video (and hopefully can post the link here), you all can look at it, and hear the drone of the planes and think “Yep! There’s plane noise in that shot!” (and barking dogs, and rattling Dodges, and a souped up white Mustang…and a…)


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