Editing and rendering

Render, MPG, v9 compression, cut to, overlay, graphics…

When you start working with digital video, there are a LOT of variables to coordinate.

We’ve been working for the past few weeks for a video submission for a project that I have code named “Project D”.

We filmed it 2 weekends ago. Last weekend I built a jazz piano track in the music production software, and worked some on the video editing. This past Friday, Don (business partner and lead actor) came over and we recorded VO ( voice over ), for Project D. We added a rhythm section to the jazz music track. So, Saturday morning, I got that rendered in Reaper (music production software), and input into Vegas (video production software). I worked more on the video editing.

Today, Sunday, I pretty much finalized the video production, and have a ~semi-complete project. I have it rendered and have watched it maybe 5 times so far. I’m not bored with it yet, so that’s a good sign. [It doesn’t make me cringe, which is an even better sign! ha!]

Is the video what I wanted it to be? Does it “grab” you? Does it have that WOW factor? Does it entertain? Does it make the audience want to see more? Does it adequately portray us and our talents?

Time will tell. When you work these projects, you get so far into them, it’s hard to get your head above water and have any perspective.

Here’s my workstation: SANY3798 med ir

Here’s Don: AT THE DRUMS!

I need some kind of rhythm over the jazz piano track. I pointed to the music keyboard, which makes drum sounds, figuring we’d use them. Don sits down – AT THE REAL DRUMS – and start playing. I was (and am) blown away.

SANY3802 med ir

And he could play! I asked him if he drummed in high school band and I had forgotten about it. No he hadn’t. He just could sit down and play. Talented people like that–they amaze me!

If you surround yourself with that level of talent, and point them in the right direction, and say “go” – it is truly amazing what can happen.

Project D is the most complex video editing I’ve ever done. I think I had 6 separate audio tracks, and the video was challenging to cut.

When we make this submission, we need to submit examples of existing work. So, right now, back in the studio, I am converting all our previous video work to one computer. I look at the old stuff, and I both love it, and I cringe. You learn as you go along. I dove…well…Don and I dove, head first into this film business. No safety net. No training. No film school. We just have learned by DOING. So, the biggest problem with our existing work was…poor equipment. Home video cameras, with very poor sound. It took awhile to save up enough to start buying good equipment. So, yes, I’m proud of the old work, because it was about having the guts to do it. We did the work and we put it out in the world – no matter what the consequences.

It makes me cringe now, but do I regret it? Not in the least. Without THAT…we wouldn’t be here …doing THIS.

I want to direct (and produce and write) major motion pictures, with A-list talent. Each step along this way is a building block along the road, to get to the end goal.

I’m having a good bit of anxiety. My anxiety stems from not knowing the things that we may encounter. It’s the fear of the unknown. I am the type of person who needs to know all the details ahead of time–so I can think thru the process and be prepared for anything.

Others might have other forms of anxiety. Stage fright is common. Fear of failure is common.

I don’t happen to deal with those, but we each have our Achilles’ heel.

I don’t mind failing. I don’t mind falling on my face. I don’t mind, not getting chosen. I don’t mind being laughed at, or being thought of as amateur.

Because all of those are learning experiences. It’s not about being told “no”. It’s about having the guts to ask again, and try again, and put yourself out there, again.

So, here we go: Jumping off a (figurative) cliff, with no idea how we’ll land.

Stay tuned:

…if you hear a big splat, you’ll know it’s me!



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