It’s not enough to live a creative life.
You have to go out and “sell” your work. That word “sell” can encompass many different meanings.  But, the bottom line is: You have to tell people about your work. No matter how hard it is to push, or promote, or advertise: Being an artist isn’t enough. You have to TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT.

So, today, we submitted our current endeavor: Project D.

I have been intentionally cryptic about this project on this blog, so apologies for playing my cards so close to the vest. But, this is a video project, and it’s been three intense months of work. To start from nothing, a blank sheet of paper, if you will. And to build that into…something. A whole project. To build every single piece of data on our own, video, script, writing, editing, acting, music, graphics, sound effects…..up to …..character, parameters of production, highs, lows, extremes….to encompass….video settings and compressions, audio settings, ALL the technical decisions that have to be made (any one of which can totally derail the project)…to things like…what’s the next step? Project D is an introductory effort. We have to be ready to go, when the Fates come knocking at the door.

So…making submissions is nothing new to me. I do this every month, and lots of times –every week. I submit songs to people, I submit photographs, I submit stories; articles; screenplays; stageplays; music videos; ideas; books and book proposals. I submit as a live performer, acting and music. So, yeah…making submissions (Putting yourself out there), is a necessary step.

But, what is the toll for putting yourself on the line? So very often, you lay your heart on the line, and, does this affect the human spirit?

I read a book recently, about acting, and someone said, “Acting is a passive business.” You can be good and do your best and…still…it’s about the WAITING until it’s your time. You can do all you can to “make it happen”, but still…those outside forces are like tidal waves, ebbing and flowing….and to some degree…you just have to ride it out.

I’m gonna take a couple of weeks, and give myself a respite. Three intense months of Project D, as front burner, and I feel like I’ve been under water, and now…I’m slowly poking my head above the surface to see what’s around me.

I’ve learned that my life force (chi) flows at different rates. It’s not constant. Sometimes, when you need to be ON, then you’re ON. But, sometimes, when things are at a slower pace, something like a “brown out” happens. Then you aren’t as “on” or as “alive”, but …when the….whatever hits…the need to perform, the opportunity. WHAM!!! You have a double-strength level ON at your fingertips.

I’d love to know how everyone else manages this. What do you do, when it’s crunch time?

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